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Group Discount Application

Summary of Terms:

Dance teams, Scout groups, clubs, schools, etc. that qualify as as a Group or Non-Profit Organization may apply for our 10% Institutional Discount by completing this online form.

  • 10% discount applies too all qualified items.
  • Exempt Items: Tipis, poles & related items; sale & closeout items.
  • Application must be made prior to, or accompanying initial order.
  • Orders & Returns accepted ONLY from person identified as group’s Authorized Buyer.
  • Orders will be shipped only to the Authorized Buyer unless otherwise specified.
  • If payment method is by check, complete account information must be on file.
  • Minimum merchandise order accepted for discount to apply, is $150.
  • Please include your Discount Application # with first order (if approved prior to placing).
  • Please use your customer ID on all subsequent orders to speed processing.
  • Use your Group or Organization Name & ID# with all orders & correspondence.

Required Entry: * Indicates required entry to be sure you don’t accidentally skip a field. If you have no information for any of these fields, enter ‘n.a.’

Complete the information requested below and click the Submit button.


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