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2018 Laguna Mountain Spring Thaw Rendezvous

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Step back in time at the Annual Laguna Mountain Spring Thaw Rendezvous on March 9-18, 2018 at Mataguay Scout Ranch in Santa Ysabel, California and enjoy an authentic 1805-1840s Rocky Mountain Fur Trader’s encampment. Visit part of our historic past by attending a fun, educational and exciting mountin man rendezvous. Demonstrations of primitive survival skills such as cooking, tool making, tomahawk, throwing, archery and black powder target shooting make this event and unforgettable experience for young and old alike.

Our groups is based on the Mountain Man era of America by participating in pre-1840 living history. As a living history organization we are involved in teaching, learning, experiencing, living and enjoyed the activities associated with the fur trade of the early 1800s. The Laguna Mountain Spring Thaw Rendezvous does its best to provide a primitive, pre-1840s mountain man rendezvous atmosphere. Men, women and children dressed in their mountain man, American Indian, or even colonial outfits, are a living history demonstration of an era long gone. Primitive camps, period traders, demonstrations, competitions, music, food & drink and lots of friendly people make the Laguna Mountain Spring Thaw Rendezvous a great place to visit.

Public Welcome
You do not have to be a member to come and enjoy the rendezvous. Day visitors can shop, eat, try their hand at primitive skills and enjoy the beautiful mountain setting of the rendezvous. Don’t forget your camera. There is a lot of interesting things to photograph. Visit our Gallery section to see photos of past rendezvous.

Admission & Fees:
Adults in Camp (18 & over): $40/ea
Children in Camp (7-17): $10/ea
Children in Camp (6 & under): Free
Family Maximum Rate (2 Adults): $60
Trader Fee (includes 1 adult): Free
Blanket Trader Fee (includes 1 adult): Camp Fee Only

Events / Shooting Fees: Walk Through $ Silhouette Targes
Adults $20.00
* Children (12 & up): $5.00
* Children require direct adult supervision.

Pre-Regitration (by February 28)
Send to: Jim Frasseett, 7671 Alhambra Dr., Huntington Bch, CA 92647, 424-212-1955

Laguna Mountain Spring Thaw Rendezvous - Mataguay Scout Ranch

Camp Areas
To camp at the rendezvous you need to camp and dress primitive. There is also a ‘tin tipi camping (RV). Boy Scout units that would like to attend and camp will be provided a special camping area. See registration form for rules, regulations and costs.

Traders Row
A big part of the original rendezvous was the re-supplying of the fur trappers. They would buy and trade for all the materials to get them through the next years trapping season. They also bought those supplies that they would need at the rendezvous.

Today, Trader’s Row is the center of the Laguna Mountain Spring Thaw Rendezvous. Trader’s from throughout the western US setup to offer their wares. Knives, tomahawks, guns, clothing, camping gear and much more can be purchased at the rendezvous. Food and drink is also a big part of trader’s row. Cold drinks, breakfast, lunch and dinner will also be found on here.

  • Trade goods must of the same era or older.
  • (No plastic) Know Your Goods.
  • There will be no selling of illegal animal parts.
  • Set up permitted the day before camp opens.
  • Blanket Trader’s must obey the same rules as for tent traders.
  • For information contact: [email protected]

Mataguay Scout Ranch
27955 CA-79
Santa Ysabel, CA 92070

DAY VISITORS: $5.00 per person
Boy Scouts (in uniform) FREE
Scout Leaders (in uniform) FREE
DAY VISITORS MAY NOT BRING DOGS INTO CAMP!: Please leave animals in car

Gate Hours
All but final Sunday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Final Sunday, Pack-Up Sorry, No Entry!
There will be NO entry or exit after gate is closed
Pease do not ask! NO EXCEPTIONS! (Boy Scout’s Camp REGULATIONS)

We have Primitive and Tin-Tipi camping areas. Bring your own water – haul out your trash. Quiet camp maintained from 10:00 PM.-..6: AM
DOGS: Must be on a leash at all times. You are responsible for your dog’s waste. Please dispose of it properly.
Dogs are not allowed on the open range, walk-through or Trader’s Row! Limit of two (2). dogs per camp only!
KIDS: Parents are responsible for any injury or damage done by their children.

Primitive Camping Area
This is to re-create the pre-1700 – 1840
Primitive era by day and night. All visible gear in the primitive area is to be reasonably authentic in material
and design and you are required to dress in period outfits at all times. Modern equipment, ice chests, etc. must
be covered. Flashlights, electric lanterns or Coleman-type lanterns are not allowed- (See note in “Campfire
Rules” regarding Propane-type stoves).

LOADING /UNLOADING TIME LIMITED TO ONE (1) HOUR IN PRIMITIVE AREA. Drive to your campsite, unload your gear, park your car in the designated parking area, then come back to set-up.

Camp Rules

  • ALL fires must be above ground in container. No exceptions! Ground or pit fires will not be allowed.
  • DO NOT bring your own firewood (due to risk of bringing beetles onto property).
  • Free firewood will be available on site.
  • Fire must be attended at ALL times or fire will be put out.
  • Fire barrels will be available to dispose of hot coals.
  • This is a High Fire Hazard area! Campfires may be disallowed without prior notice.
  • Come prepared with an alternative such as Coleman-type propane stove and propane canisters. Cover when not in use.

Same rules as Primitive areas. No GROUND OR PIT FIRES! Charcoal or Propane Bar-B-Q’s, Coleman/Propane stoves are also allowed. WATER BUCKETS & FIRE EXTINGUISHERS .MANDATORY.
Generators MUST be turned off between 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.!!

Shooting Rules

  • Black-powder, muzzle loading, round ball firearms only. No modern black- powder weapons. Open sites only.
  • No painted sights or optical aids. Eye and ear protection required! Period dress required- Absolutely NO loaded firearms allowed in camp. Please check board posting for all events, days and times.
  • Day Shooting (non campers) allowed for $20 per person at Open Range. Paper targets only. Sign up at gate – MUST display ‘Day Shooter’ ribbon at all times sign liability waiver.
  • All event sheets in by 3:00 PM no exceptions
  • *Buck-A-Shot’ First-time shooters can try shooting a black-powder weapon for $1.00 per shot. See Range master for details!
  • Primitive Archery – primitive bows and arrows only. (For more information contact Rick Emms at Rendezvous.)
    Must be in pre-1840 clothing to sell. Trade goods must be of the same era (no plastic!).
  • KNOW YOUR GOODS! There will be no selling of illegal animal parts. Set up permitted two days before camp opens – call for details.
  • NO HORSES OR MULES allowed at the request of the Boy Scouts.

Richard Emms: [email protected] Club President
Richard Martin: [email protected]
Don Densford 9036 Sierra Alta Way , El Cajon , CA 92021 619 390-0614

Mark your calendar today so you don’t miss the next Laguna Mountain Spring Thaw Rendezvous at Mataguay Scout Ranch in Santa Ysabel, California.

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