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18th Century Market Fair at Locust Grove

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You are invited to the 18th Century Market Fair at Locust Grove on October 27-28, 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky. The annual event takes place on the last weekend of October, transforming the picturesque grounds of the Locust Grove Estate into an interactive living history exhibit offering an unforgettable experience. The two-day 18th Century Market Fair at Locust Grove features staged battle reenactments between British and American troops, historically accurate arts and crafts from blacksmiths and Georgian age crafters and roaming historians filled with information and anecdotes that are great for all ages.

18th Century Market Fair at Locust Grove

Join with Locust Grove and the Illinois Regiment of Virginia as they bring the spirit of the past alive with the 18th Century Market Fair at Locust Grove. You can participate in 18th c. style entertainment, purchase replicas of 18th century military and household items, enjoy food and drink as our founders did, meet and converse with early Americans. Mock battles for our country’s independence feature General George Rogers Clark’s own company, the Illinois Regiment of Virginia, as well as British Dragoons and Marines, and German Hessians.

Experience Historic Locust Grove as it comes alive with the sounds of chatting and bargaining, the smells of wood smoke and gunpowder, and all the sights you would expect from a Market Fair set in the 1780s. Visitors will be able to converse with men, women, and children about life during the final years of the War for Independence, tour the house, perhaps join in a militia drill or two, learn songs and games from the period, and of course, shop at all the booths and tents that will spring up on the grounds! Over 25 vendors will be selling their period wares, from pottery to spoons to bread to bonnets. The property is divided between the Americans and the British, so be sure to take a tour of both camps to see and hear both sides of the story.

Market Fairs seem special to us today, but they were commonplace in Colonial America. Markets held in town squares or other designated marketplaces allowed far-flung members of the community to come into nascent towns to buy, sell, and trade goods and gossip. Markets helped communities to grow and towns to be more firmly established, with permanent stores and other trappings of civilization.

Here at Locust Grove, Market Fair is treated in much the same way as in the 1780s. The community has grown a great deal since the founding of Louisville in 1778, and they enjoy this time to catch up with neighbors and friends. The 18th Century Market Fair at Locust Grove offers an opportunity to check in on that earlier era, and immerse yourself in the daily activities of those who have come before us. Like Market Fairs of old, there is something for everyone. Market Fair is a rain or shine event, and there is plenty to do under cover even if we have some showers.

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