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2019 UC Berkeley Powwow

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Join us for our 40th Annual UC Berkeley Powwow on October 26, 2019 at the UC Berkeley Lower Sproul in Berkeley, California. The Indigenous and Native Recruitment & Retention Center (INC-RRC) and Inter-Tribal Student Council at UC Berkeley, would like to present you with our student-led Powwow.

UC Berkeley Powwow

The Powwow at UC Berkeley continues the annual tradition of bringing the surrounding Native community to celebrate and honor Native American cultures. This event serves as an opportunity for Native programs on campus, along with various Native tribal populations throughout California to unite and celebrates cultures. Potential Native students will be provided with the opportunity to visit the UC Berkeley campus. We will have resources and information regarding student housing, financial aid, scholarship, and academic support services to students interested in applying to the UC.

Seating will be limited, so please bring chairs and if needed canopies for shade. This is a family-friendly event; no alcohol or drugs allowed.

Free Admission – Public Welcome

Hours: at 10:00 AM – 6 PM PDT

Hosted by Native American Staff Council of UC Berkeley

Lower Sproul
2457 Bancroft Way
UC Berkeley, CA 94720

For More Information:
Phone: 510-631-1158; Email:

Northern Host Drum: Sharpshooter
Southern Host Drum: SoExStyle

Powwow Head Staff
Master of Ceremonies: Tom Phillips
Arena Director: Eugene Newman
Head Man: Justin Goggles-Keka
Head Woman: Katianna Warren

Patuxent River Park American Indian Festival Mini Gallery

Adults (18+) 1st $270 2nd $170 3rd $145
Men: Traditional No&So Straight, Grass & Fancy
Women: No&So Traditional, Jingle & Fancy

Teens (13-17) 1st $140 2nd $120 3rd $105
Boy: Traditional No&So Straight, Grass & Fancy
Girls: No&So Traditional, Jingle & Fancy

Junior (7-12): 1st $100 2nd $90 3rd $80
Men: Traditional No&So Straight, Grass & Fancy
Women: No&So Traditional, Jingle & Fancy

Bonus Events
Hand Drum Contest
Scavenger Hunt
Tiny Tots (6 and under)

UC Berkeley Pow Wow Princess
Current Year: (15-25 years)
Prize: Princess Crown & Sash + $500
Competition divided into three parts: Short Answer Essay, Speech & Dance

UC Berkeley Powwow - Lower Sproul - Indigenous & Native Coalition - Native American Staff Council of UC Berkeley - Native American Staff Council of UC Berkeley

Mark your calendar today so you don’t miss the next Annual UC Berkeley Pow Wow in October at the UC Berkeley in Berkeley, California.

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