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2019 Cannon River Rendezvous

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Experience pre-1840s frontier life at the Annual Cannon River Rendezvous on May 23-27, 2019 hosted by the Twin Cities Muzzle Loaders near Cannon Falls, Minnesota. You’ll enjoy the sights and sounds of a mountain man rendezvous in this secluded glen along the river. What better way to spend your Memorial Day Weekend than at the Twin Cities Muzzle Loaders annual Cannon River Rendezvous? The rendezvous site is located just west of Cannon Falls, in a secluded, primitive area that fits the idea of a Pre-1840s rendezvous location. We look forward to seeing you at our Cannon River Rendezvous.

Public is Welcome
At the Cannon River Rendezvous, you will experience a fur trade encampment typical of the period from 1750-1840 and visit with reenactors portraying the many unique characters that gathered after a winter of trapping to trade goods, test their skills, and swap tall tales with their friends.

Enjoy demonstrations of period skills and lifestyles, including black powder shooting competitions, primitive archery and tomahawk-throwing contests, and campfire cooking. The public is invited to try their hand at many of these activities, including shooting. Visit the merchants on “Traders’ Row”. Smell the aroma of food cooking. Hear the sounds of laughter and singing, music of the time, and children playing games as they did in the day.

Cannon River Rendezvous Mini Gallery

Public/Visitor Hours
Friday – Monday: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Monday: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Admission for Visitors
$5 per person, ages 8 and up
Children 7 and under, free
$20 per family maximum

Official Website – Public Info for more detail for public/visitor hours and activities.

Gate & Set-Up Schedule
Thursday, 8am-9pm Setup in all camps. One hour allowed to unload vehicles. Period correct after setup.
Friday, 7-9am and 4-9pm Setup in all camps. One hour allowed to unload vehicles. Period correct after setup.
Friday, 10am-4pm Open to public. Primitive camps must be period correct.
Saturday, 7-9am and 4-9pm Setup all camps. 6-9am will be last chance to drive into primitive camp to setup.
Saturday and Sunday, 10am-4pm Open to the public.
Monday, 10am-3pm Open to the public. Memorial Day Service at 1pm.
Monday, after 3