Native American Pipe Stems Sale

Crow Calls Sale – SAVE 10%-20% Thru 2/28/17

Crazy Crow Trading Post offers a selection of Native American Pipe Stems for sale in our January – February Crow Calls Sale.

Wooden Pipe Stems – Save 10%

Flat, long pipe stems, for those of you who make your own Indian-style pipes or those who just want a different length stem for the pipe you already own. All you do is sand the pre-cut tip to fit your pipe. Pre-stained.

Aromatic Cedar Pipe Stems – Save 10%

Flat style pipestems made from beautiful, aromatic red cedar; slightly tapered and complete with hole pre-drilled for smoking.

Deluxe Hand-Carved Pipe Stems – Save 20%

These authentic pipestems are hand-carved in fancy, traditional designs that are based on actual museum examples. Made of high grade hardwood and ready to use, they will add the perfect finishing touch to your best Catlinite, Steatite or Alborine pipe bowl! Lengths range from 22″ to 26″ and designs may vary slightly, as each stem is individually handmade.

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