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2018 Old Fort Niagara French & Indian War Encampment

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Experience the Old Fort Niagara French & Indian War Encampment on June 29 – July 1, 2018 at Old Fort Niagara in Youngstown, New York as hundreds of reenactors recreate the historic siege of 1759. As a visitor, reenactor, Large scale French & Indian War battle re-enactments, musket and artillery firings, music, food, military pageantry, 18th century artisans and merchants, Native American councils and hands-on activities for families. This is our largest event of the year.

Three days of living history at Old Fort Niagara put you in the middle of one of the most important and exciting events ever to occur in the Niagara region. Three days of French and Indian War reenactment demonstrations accurately recreate the siege in the order that it happened in 1759.

Old Fort Niagara French & Indian War Encampment

Experience the siege of 1759 during three days of French and Indian War battle demonstrations and living history camps. Hundreds of French, British and Native re-enactors gather at Old Fort Niagara to realistically depict the events of July 1759, when British and provincial forces alongside their Native allies, laid siege to Fort Niagara for 19 days. The event also features a large camp of 18th century merchants and artisans.

Admission is $13/person per day, or $30 for a 3-day pass available July 2 only.

Old Fort Niagara French & Indian War Reenactment Program activities include:

Saturday, July 2
9:30 am Siege Tour: The French Rebuild Fort Niagara 1755-59. This tour will explore the physical history of the Fort during the French and Indian War.

10:00 am The Fur Trade: Natives and French traders gather to barter furs for European-made goods.

10:30 am: French Colors Ceremony: The French garrison assembles in front of the French Castle to troop the colors. A small hunting party leaves the fort.

11:00 am: The British Advance: This reenactment explains how the British army got to Fort Niagara and who composed the force.

11:30 am: The Interrogation: British officers interrogate several French prisoners.

12:30 pm: Preparing the Fort for Siege: French defenders move trade bales and barrels into the outer works to provide cover. Artillery is also moved into the outer works and French forces conduct a musket and artillery demonstration. This is followed by on ongoing siege demonstration through 4:30 pm.

1:00 pm: Rutherford’s Embassy: British Captain Walter Rutherford requests a parley with the French commander, Captain Pouchot.

1:30 pm: Opening the Sap: A British engineer explains how his forces are going to approach the Fort.

2:00 pm: French Sortie: (Battle Demonstration) French forces exit the Fort and attack the British trenches.

3:00 pm: British Mortars: The British present a mortar demonstration in the sap.

3:15 pm: Kaendae’s Embassy: The Seneca chief Kaendae stops the fighting and calls a council with the French.

4:00 pm: French Bombardment: French artillery batteries resume fire.

4:30 pm: Music Demonstration. Listen to fifes and drums.

Sunday, July 3

10:00 am: Kaendae’s Embassy, Part Two. With Sir William Johnson in attendance, Kaendae holds council in the British camp.

11:00 am: Siege Tour: British and New York Provincial troops advance the sap and trade fire with the French, who fire artillery at the approaching trench.

11:30 am: Music Demonstration. Listen to fifes and drums.

Noon: Foodways: A Demonstration of camp cooking in the British Camp.

1:00 pm Siege Tour: The British advance their artillery and open up on the Fort. Artillery and military engineering demonstrations.

2:00 pm: British assault the Fort (Battle Reenactment) British forces attempt to storm the Fort as French defenders stand firm.

3:00 pm; Women’s Program: French women sew sandbags and gunpowder bags and treat the wounded.

4:00 pm: Kids Drill: Hands on program for children of all ages.

Monday, July 4

9 am: Lacrosse Game

10:00 am: Fort Niagara French & Indian War Siege Tour: Both sides enter their lines and trade musket and cannon fire. Ongoing siege demonstrations through 2:30 pm.

11:00 am; The Battle of La Belle Famille (Battle Demonstration) A French relief force tries to break through, but is defeated by British troops.

Noon: Artillery Demonstration: British guns pound the Fort. French return fire.

12:30 pm: Music Demonstration. Listen to fifes and drums.

1:00 pm: Desperate Measures: British musket fire and artillery continue to pound the Fort.

2:00 pm: British Assault the Fort: (Battle Demonstration) The British successfully assault the outer works.

2:45 pm: Surrender Ceremony: British troops enter the Fort, French troops form on the parade ground.

The Officers’ Club, which opened in 1938 and served the 28th Infantry Regiment that fought in World War I, will be open daily from 11am to 4pm.

French & Indian War Re-Enactors

Old Fort Niagara Welcomes Reenactors to the French and Indian War Encampment to re-live the Historic Siege of 1759.

Fort Niagara French & Indian War Encampment Activities Include:
A recreation of the 1759 siege as closely as we can portray it. Siege works and demonstrations, progressive programs that follow the actions of July 6-25, 1759, battles, native councils, artillery bombardments, fortification and trade, foodways, sutlers, women’s program, 18th century camps…

Hospitality for Reenactors
Free Breakfasts, Free Ice, Firewood, & Showers
Saturday and Sunday Night Taverns for REENACTORS ONLY with live period music.

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