Buffalo Skulls Sale – Buffalo Horn Caps – Buffalo Jaw Bones

Crow Calls Sale – SAVE 10%-15% Thru 2/28/17

Crazy Crow Trading Post offers savings on many hard-to-get natural animal products such as our genuine buffalo skulls sale, horn caps and jaw bones. Though not on sale, we also offer buffalo hides in prime and seconds grades.

Buffalo Skulls Sale – Save 10%

Beautiful, large buffalo skulls that have been nicely cleaned and bleached. Complete with horn caps, our Buffalo Skulls are perfect for décor or ceremonial use and can be easily painted. Buffalo Skulls size averages 25″ from tip to tip.

Buffalo Horn Caps Sale – Save 15%

These high quality, large Buffalo Horn Caps (American Bison) make beautiful powder horns, split horn bonnets, and are great for making traditional horn spoons. Approx. 7″-8″.

Buffalo Jaw Bones Sale – Save 15%

Cleaned and dried, with most of the teeth
intact, these Buffalo Jaw Bones are ready for use as handles for clubs, scraping tools, etc.

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Other Buffalo Items from Crazy Crow (not on sale)

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