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2019 Mohegan Wigwam Festival

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The Mohegan Wigwam Festival at Fort Shantock in Uncasville Connecticut will be on August 17-18, 2019 (3rd weekend in August). The public is welcome to enjoy traditional Mohegan culture at its finest. Enjoy traditional Mohegan food, music, jewelry, vendors, dancing and more. You’ll enjoy watching or being one of the hundreds of dancers taking part in the Grand Entries that start the dancing each day.

Mohegan Wigwam Festival

Park in a designated garage and take the shuttle along with other visitors by a huge and comfy bus . Tour the craft tents before finding a seat to view the Grand Entry of the dancers and Native Americans all dressed in stunning attire.

Free Admission – Open to Public!
Hours: 10 AM – 7 PM

Mohegan Wigwam Festival Activities
Native American Crafts
Native Foods
Dance Competition
Grand Entry Saturday & Sunday Noon
Shuttle is available at Mohegan Sun ??bus lobby and Thames Garage (last shuttle to Thames Garage at 7 PM)

Fort Shantok
Fort Shantok Road
Uncasville, CT 06382

Mohegan Wigwam Festival Mini Gallery

For More Information:
Chad: Call 800-MOHEGAN, ext 26125 Email
Terry: Call 800-MOHEGAN, ext 26145 Email

The Mohegan Wigwam Festival Today
Like many traditions, the Wigwam Festival celebrates tradition even as it evolves. For many years in the 20th century, the Festival helped raise funds for the Mohegan Church and for Mohegan activities. In 2003, in an effort to scale back and return to its roots, the celebration returned to Fort Shantok after many years at a local high school. Today, the festival is held at Fort Shantok at the end of summer, with the corn harvest, during the third weekend in August. This gives us an opportunity to get together and share some aspects of our culture with our friends and neighbors in the community. In keeping with tradition, it includes crafts and food items for sale, plus traditional dance and storytelling.

History of the Mohegan Wigwam Festival
Before the arrival of the Europeans, Mohegans held several celebrations throughout the year to give thanks to the Creator for the earth’s many gifts. The annual Corn Thanksgiving was most important. Tribespeople thanked Mundu, the Creator and Great Mystery for the gift of corn, a source of both spiritual and physical sustenance.

Mohegan Wigwam Festival & Pow Wow - Connecticut Powwows

The name “Wigwam” comes from the word Wigwomun, meaning “welcome” or “come in the house.” In many ways, the Wigwam was a community open house and homecoming. Both corn and home play central roles in the celebration. In early times, the Festival was held on the site of the current Mohegan Church, at a “fair tree.” But the tradition started to fade in the 1800s with increasing pressure for the Tribe to Christianize and assimilate. Medicine Woman Emma Baker revived the Festival just as Tribal lands started to break up in 1860. She incorporated it with the activities of the Mohegan Church Ladies’ Sewing Society, making it a source of Tribal solidarity. Inspired by the chance to retain their identity at a dark moment, the Tribe became determined that this should happen.

Mohegan Wigwam Festival

Mark your calendar so you won’t miss the next Mohegan Wigwam Festival at Fort Shantock in Uncasville, Connecticut.

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