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2020 Spring Rock River Rendezvous

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Experience the fur trade era at the 22nd Annual Spring Rock River Rendezvous on July 11-14, 2020 at the Fawn Creek Campground near the Fisher River east of Libby, Montana. Join the Kootenai Muzzleloaders and others at our Spring Rock River Rendezvous and relive the lifestyle of the mountain man. Modern buckskinners, or mountain men, sometimes spend lifetimes learning about how the rugged mountain men of the 1800s. These rugged individuals lived and travelled extensively through what is Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and Colorado

Camping available in primitive, modern tent and “tin teepee” areas. Visitors and spectators welcome, need not dress in period clothing. This is a family event. Children welcome. There will be youth events and prizes awarded. There may be fire restrictions – be prepared to have NO OPEN FIRES

Thursday – Camp Opens
Friday & Saturday – Contests: Rifle, Pistol, Smoothbore, Hawk and Knife, Primitive Archery Trails
Sunday – Muzzle loader Shotgun Contest, Raffles and AWARDS

ALL CAMPS pay $15 fee
$5.00 per shooter plus blanket prize for each shooter
Traders – Voluntary donations accepted

Spring Rock River Rendezvous Mini Gallery

Contest Rules
Load from the pouch
Patched round ball
Open iron sights
Single shot pistols only
Points for period dress

Modern day rendezvous are as varied as the folks who put them on. Some are shooting matches in traditional garb. Others go much further with activities for the whole family, games, trade shows, contests of skill and luck with camping and dress of the period from 1800 to 1840. You don’t need a full set of buckskins to fit in, a calico shirt and canvas pants work just fine for the men with traditional prairie dresses for the women.

Camp Rules
Bring your own drinking water
Fire bucket and shovel required
Non-potable water is available
Be prepared to shoot early in the day due to fire restrictions

Primitive Camp Area
Participants in the primitive camping area at the Spring Rock River Rendezvous are expected to dress in period clothes with era-authentic equipment and style.

Fawn Creek Campground
Fisher River Road
Libby,MT 59923

For More Information
Dave Windom 406-283-1916
Mark Morain 406-293-8239
Gary Beal 406-295-5271

Kootenai Muzzleloaders Rendezvous

Set out north from Libby headed for the Libby Dam. Take a hard right after crossing the Fisher River junction bridge and continue for eight miles. Take another right at the sign for another half mile.

To get to the Spring Rock River Rendezvous, follow the signs and pick your camp. Choose from primitive, modern tent, and tin teepee areas. Just register at the booth and pay your fees.

Mark your calendar today so you don’t miss the next Spring Rock River Rendezvous at the Fawn Creek Campground near the Fisher River east of Libby, Montana.

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