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2019 NMU Learning to Walk Together Pow Wow

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Join us at the 26th Annual NMU Learning to Walk Together Pow Wow on March 30, 2019 at the Northern Michigan University campus in . When the main drum beats at the “Learning to Walk Together” powwow, it symbolizes the heartbeat of Mother Earth. It is a colorful and active tradition for Native Americans to celebrate life and honor relatives. All of this happens on Northern Michigan University’s campus at the NMU Learning to Walk Together Pow Wow. This traditional powwow invites NMU students and community members alike to appreciate and participate in the traditions of Native American dancers, singers, artists and vendors from all over the Great Lakes region.

NMU Learning to Walk Together Pow Wow

The NMU Learning to Walk Together Pow Wow is held in Marquette because of its central location for the five tribes in the Upper Peninsula. The pow wow begins with the grand entry and the flag song followed by veterans’ honor song. All Veterans – male/female, Native/non-Native are honored this way. The Emcee will provide information on the dances including: male and female traditional dances, jingle dress and grass dance, and male and female fancy dance. Social dances, such as the inter-tribal, round dance and two-step, are also featured and the audience is invited to participate. Artisan and vendor booths provide a variety of craft items, reference materials, and food. A pow wow can truly be a cultural learning experience.

There also are activities for audience members to participate in at the NMU Learning to Walk Together Pow Wow such as social dances that include the inter-tribal, round dance and two-step. Throughout the day there also will be artisan and vendor booths selling craft items, reference materials and food. Anyone with an interest in Native American culture is invited to come check out what will be going on at the Learning to Walk Together Traditional Pow Wow.

During the grand entries, there is continual drumming that represents the pulse of the earth. Dancers go in a clockwise, circular direction around the drum. This event is an opportunity for Native American communities in the region to come together for celebration, but it also provides non-native citizens the opportunity to appreciate these traditions. Native cultures are steeped in ritual, so there are certain etiquette guidelines the Native American Student Association encourages attendees to read before attending the event.

$5.00 General Admission
Free NMU students w/NMU ID

Head Staff
Arena Director: To Be Announced
Fire Keeper: To Be Announced
Head Veteran Dancer: To Be Announced
Head Male Dancer: To Be Announced
Head Lady Dancer: To Be Announced
Honor Guard: To Be Announced
Master of Ceremonies: To Be Announced
Host Drums: To Be Announced
Other Drums: To Be Announced

NMU Learning to Walk Together Pow Wow

Vandament Arena – NMU Campus
1401 Presque Isle Avenue
Marquette, MI 49855

For More Information
NASA Co-presidents – Kristina Misegan, or Daabii Reinhardt, or feel free to call the Center (906) 227-1397.

Doors Open: 11:00 a.m.
Grand Entries at noon and 6:00 p.m.

Pow Wow Sponsors
The NMU Learning to Walk Together Pow Wow is presented by the Native American Student Association with the help of numerous university and community organizations and individuals, which illustrates the event’s motto of “Learning to Walk Together.”

Pow Wow Etiquette for Visitors
Some of those etiquette suggestions include attendees should not sit in a place where there is a blanket; that space is reserved for dancers and singers. There are bleachers available for additional seating. Additionally, participants should wait until the head male and head female dancers begin to dance before joining. Also, nothing should be picked up from the ground, especially feathers. If something does fall to the ground, the emcee, arena director or head veteran dancer should be notified. At the event, if attendees have any questions about proper etiquette, they can ask the emcee or event volunteers. These suggestions and others can be found on the Center for Native American Studies website.

NMU Learning to Walk Together Pow Wow

Mark your calendar today so you don’t miss the annual NMU Learning to Walk Together Pow Wow at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan in March.

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