Wholesale Beading

Wholesale Beading Providing Wholesale Beading Supplies Since 1970 Beading Thread, Beading Needles, Bead Looms, Beading Tools, Buckle Blanks & more With such a large variety of beads, it's only natural that we'd have a great selection of wholesale beading supplies and beading tools as well. Crazy [...]

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Bulk Beads

Bugle Beads Wholesale Offering Wholesale Bugle Beads & Supplies Since 1970 Wholesale bugle beads in over 100 size & color combinations. Bugle beads are small narrow tubes of cut glass, either cylindrical or twisted. Proportionally, they are always longer than they are thick, creating their tubular [...]

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Beads In Bulk

Beads in Bulk Offering Beads in Bulk & Beading Supplies Since 1970 Beads made of glass, metal, and a variety of other materials have been produced in various forms dating back thousands of years. In more recent times, Italy, particularly Venice was the center of the [...]

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