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2019 Barlow Trail Long Rifles Rendezvous

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Experience pre-1840s mountain man life at the 2018 Barlow Trail Long Rifles Rendezvous on July 19-21, 2019. The annual Barlow Trail Long Rifles Rendezvous features black powder rifle competition in the beautiful primitive setting of the Mt. Hood National Forrest. The Barlow Trail Long Rifles Rendezvous offers black powder muzzle loading shooting competition for riflea and pistola, as well as priitive archery, and tomahawk and knife throwing, shotgun, trade gun and more.

Shooters Information
All BTLR club range rules prevail
Open iron sights only
Patched round ball only
No more than 2 shooters per gun

Attend Shooters Meeting
Get a ‘bead’ to be turned in for a point on the Rifle Trail.
Juniors and Pee Wees who attend: Also get a bead for Rifle Trail.

Contest Divisions
Men, Women, Junior – Rifle and Pistol
Pee Wee – Rifle only

All trails open (except rifle)

7:30 – 8:30 a.m. Shooter Meetings
8:00 a.a. – 1st Rifle group goes out
Events: Rifle – Fire Start and Hawk Throw on trail, Trade Gun, Pistol, Hawk & Knife, Primitive Archery, Squirrel Rifle (40 cal. or less), Pee Wee Rifle Trail & Hawk
* Kid games, crafts, scavenger hunt

7:00 p.m. Camp Wide Potluck Supper

8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Hawk & Knife, Primitive Archery
9:00 a.m. Shotgun
11:00 a.m. Awards presented

Barlow Trail Long Rifles Rendezvous

Shooters Fees
$10.00 Rifle & Pistol
$22.00 Family Fee for Rifle & Pistol (spouse & kids 17 & under in home)
$10.00 Trade Gun
$5.00 Squirrel Rifle
$3.00 Junior (12-17)
Free – Pee Wee (6-11

Cash Event
$2.00 Adults Hawk & Knife ($1.00 Junior)
$2.00 Adults Primitive Archery ($1.00 Junior)
$3.00 Shotgun

Camping Fees
$5.00 Day Shooters convenience fee
$10.00 Overnight Camp convenience fee per Lodge, Tent, RV, etc.

Traders Welcome: 18th century style goods pertaining to the muzzle loading era only.
Full Trader: No camp fee, but a blanket prize, please.
Blanket Trader: Must pay camp fee.

Camp Information
* Dry Camp – Bring Water
* No Firewood – Bring your own
* Outhouses provided
* No garbage service – pack out what you pack in
* All dogs must be on a leash
* Forest service requires ax, shovel & water at every camp

2 miles from Government Camp Mt. Hood National Forest
19495 SE Veneer Lane
Sandy, OR 97055

Entry to Barlow Trail Long Rifles Rendezvous site i on a one-way entry ramp from Hwy 35 to Hwy 26 going towards Portland.
From Hwy 26
Exit onto Hwy 35 going towards the Hood River
Just after the guardrail on the left side of road ends, PULL OFF the road in a wide spot on right side of road & LOOP BACK towards Portland.
Watch for rendezvous signs.
Call if you need more information.

For More Information
Frank Misho 503-318-1056 cell
James Sheets 503-722-7514 home
Stinky Wamboldt 360-430-7262 cell 503-688-6275 home
Ric Lewis 503-348-6744 cell

Barlow Trail Long Rifles Rendezvous is a permittee of Mt Hood National Forest. While you are participating in this event, Mt Hood National Forest Fire Rules are to be followed.

Barlow Trail Long Rifles Rendezvous

About the Barlow Trail Long Rifles
The Barlow Trail Long Rifles is a living history muzzleloading firearms club based in Sandy, Oregon. Our goal is to recreate in a family setting while furthering the knowledge of muzzleloading firearms and the life of the early 1800s fur-trapping era. We hold rendezvous on the third weekend of July each year near Government Camp, Oregon. Monthly meetings are held at the Wamboldt Range in Sandy, OR the second Sunday of each month.

Mark your calendar today so you won’t miss the next Barlow Trail Long Rifles Rendezvous in July in Sandy, Oregon.

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