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2019 Battle for Turkeyville Civil War Reenactment

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Experience history at the annual Battle for Turkeyville Civil War Reenactment on June 15-16, 2019, Father’s Day weekend at Cornwell’s Turkeyville in Marshall, Michigan. Hundreds of reenactors will be setting up camp and participating in a weekend of going back in time. Sharing the living history with everyone is truly what the event is all about, plus a good battle reenactment. Using all the tools and housewares of the days gone by you get a real idea how hard live was back then.

Battle for Turkeyville Civil War Reenactment

Turkeyville offers the opportunity to dig a trench that was a real part of the civil war close to the end the war. To watch the battle you will sit on bales of straw on the edge of the battlefield and you can listen to the narrator tell you what it is you are watching and sharing with the crowd some details that might be lost at any other battle.

Saturday Evening there is a Grand Ball planned so everyone in the settlement will be in their Sunday best. There is a time original band with a caller to get everyone up and dancing to the music. During the day you can catch the blacksmith working, have a conversation with Jefferson Davis and many more. Sunday morning is a one of a kind church service a message to take home. So, plan on coming out to the settlement and spend the day at the Battle for Turkeyville Civil War Reenactment. While at the Battle for Turkeyville Civil War Reenactment make sure to include a meal in the Turkeyville restaurant and home made pie or ice cream for dessert.

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attle for Turkeyville Civil War Reenactment Mini Gallery