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2019 Colorado Colonial Encampment

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Experience pre-1790s colonial life at the 2019 Colorado Colonial Encampment on October 4-6, 2019 at Fort Lupton, Colorado. All Colonials are welcome: Civilians, Revolutionary War, Militia, Continental Line, Fife & Drum Corps, French & Indian War, Long Hunters, and French-British-Hessians.

Colorado Colonial Encampment

Colorado Colonial Encampment Activities Feature:
Colonial Frontier Skills Competition (bring blanket prize donation)
Apple Cider pressing (bring apples, and jugs for your cider)
Colonial Textiles ~ Fiber preparation and spinning
Colonial Potluck Saturday at 5 PM ~ Prizes for best Colonial dish
Tavern Tent ~ Friday and Saturday Nights ~ Share your favorite beverage ~ Traditional musicians

Public welcome 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
18th Century attire required after 5:00 p.m.

Camp Fee $25 Single, $40 Family
Please present a historically accurate camp at all times.
Above ground fire pits only
Tin Tipi camping available
Water and some firewood on site
Above ground fire pits onl
Water bucket and shovel required near fire pits.

Traders very welcome.

Fort Lupton Colorado Colonial Encampment Mini-Gallery

Organized by the Tallow River Trappers
The Fort Lupton Colorado Colonial Encampment is organized by the Tallow River Trappers, the living history branch of the South Platte Valley Historical Society. Although the TRT supports and coordinates its activities with the South Platte Valley Historical Society, the organization has its own officers, funding and newsletter, the “Dispatch”.

Colonial Period Reenactors
Colorado Society – Sons of the American Revolution (COSSAR) members participate with members of the 2nd Connecticut Militia, the Northern Colorado Fife and Drum Corps, and the Vision Heirs (providing elements of both the American Continental Army and the British 64th Regiment of Foot) at these annual events, like the Colorado Colonial Encampment. Demonstrations of Colonial and Revolutionary War period daily life are presented to the public as living history and battles such as Bunker Hill and Cowpens are re-enacted.

Colonial Frontier Skills Competition: A Timed Event
This competition showcases the skills used by the early colonists and Native Americans when on the frontier or in wilderness settings. These skills included, but werenft limited to: marksmanship, fire building, shelters, etc. Men and women are both encouraged to participate. Having the appropriate gear was also important. As reenactors who portray the colonial period, it is important that we too have an understanding and working knowledge of these skills, which gives us a greater understanding and appreciation for their lives and sacrifices. Enjoy yourselves and learn at the same time. Hurt feelings are not allowed, and good-natured ribbing is encouraged. Please bring a blanket prizevalued at around $10 as your entry fee. Tallow River Trappers also charge a $5.00 per non-club member to use the range. This contest should be fun. Competition Rules & Details

Fort Lupton Historic Park & Rendezvous Site
Just North of Fort Lupton, CO – 1/3 mile west of HWY 85 on Road 14 1/2.

For More Information
Mike Suri 303-704-8509

Fortl Lupton Colorado Colonial Encampment

Mark your calendar today so you won’t miss the next Colorado Colonial Encampment in Fort Lupton, Colorado.

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