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2019 Mahkato Pow Wow

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You are invited to the 47th Annual Mahkato Pow Wow on September 20-22, 2019 at the Land of Memories Park in Mankato, Minnesota, honoring the “Dakota 38”. Folks come from South Dakota, North Dakota, all into Canada, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Montana, and in Minnesota. People from all over the country like to travel to the Mahkato Pow Wow, because it’s one of the last outdoor traditional powwows.

Mahkato Pow Wow

The idea of the Mahkato Pow Wow started in 1972 with Amos Owens, Bud Lawrence and Jim Buckley who had a vision and a focus regarding reconciliation. To bring awareness back to Mankato, despite the 1862 hanging that took place here in December (1862). That’s a tough deal, especially when the Dakota were exiled from the state of Minnesota. It then becomes a homecoming for a lot of Dakota families.

Grand Entries:
To many the Grand Entry is the highlight of the Mahkato Pow Wow. There will be four grand entries. This is the time you see all the dancers form a line. They follow all our veterans color guard, who carry the flags. And the Eagle Staff.
Friday at 7 PM
Saturday at 1 PM and 7 PM
Sunday at 1 PM

Head Staff
Spiritual Advisor: Ray Owen
Emcees: To Be Announced
Arena Director: Londel Seaboy, Sisseton, SD
Host Drums: Mazakute Singers, Santee NE, Big Stone Singers, Sisseton SD

General Admission $7.00 for the entire weekend
All must pay with the exception of the following:
Children 12 and under get in free
Seniors 60 and older: $5.00

Vending Information
Jim Howling Wolf: 612-978-0964 Email
(No “drop-in” vendors will be permitted)
Vendor Details

Mahkato Pow Wow Gallery

Moccasin Game Coordinator: Wambdi Gill
$3000 in Prize Money Split

All Specials between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM
Drums Must Provide Their Own Chairs

Education Day Begins Friday Morning 9:00 AM
Learning stations are located in seven (corresponding to the seven bands of the Dakota nation) camps on the perimeter of a large open circle.