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2019 Texas Free Trappers Spring Rendezvous

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Experience pre-1840s frontier life at the 2019 Texas Free Trappers Rendezvous on February 22-24, 2019 at the site of a previous Southwestern Regional Rendezvous in Shiner, Texas. NOTE: Normally this date would have been February 8-9, but has been moved due to weather concerns.

Pre-1840s period camping is stressed; however, modern camping is allowed in an adjacent area. Buckskinning rules apply; period dress required at all times while in camp. If you are a pilgrim and want to know more about rendezvous, you are not required to wear period clothing, but wear clothing suitable for the woods, no baseball caps please. Of course if you already have some period clothing, you are on your way!

Admission & Fees
Membership fee $15.00 per year per family
Competition fee $15.00 per competitor
Camping only fee $10.00
Each competitive event will hae a re-entry possible for $2.00.

Site Entry Controlled
RSVP Booshway or Segundo that you will be attending. Entry into site is controlled and you must call Booshway or Segundo upon arrival so they can open the gate. Call before leaving home if there is threatening weather to confirm.

No additional fee for traders. Period or related items only.

Texas Free Trappers Rendezvous Mini Gallery