Native American Beading Looms & Bead Loom Kits

Crow Calls Sale – SAVE 10% Through 2/28/2017

Crazy Crow’s most popular and versatile Deluxe Adjustable Native American Beading Looms, both 2 or 3-piece versions are included in the Crow Calls Sale.

These fully adjustable, compact, sturdy and easy-to-use Native American beading looms are designed for a wide range of beading projects. This innovative loom, which we produce ourselves, will handle 1″ to 39″ long strips up to 3″ wide. These two bead looms break down in sections for easy storage. A traveling end piece can be used for short beading projects and makes it infinitely adjustable between 5″ and 23″. The fine bead dividers make it perfect for all bead sizes from 16/0 up to Pony Beads and Wampum. No other bead loom today is this easy to adjust nor has this kind of versatility.

Avoid slack warp threads during set-up!

Crazy Crow’s adjustable Native American Beading Looms features the uniquely important ability to tighten the warp threads after the loom is strung, thus making beading much easier. Designed and built in our shop, this loom will serve you for the rest of your beading experience.

Bead Loom Kits

Our Deluxe Adjustable Native American Beading Looms are also available as bead loom kits as well. These bead loom kits contain all of the materials of our Beadwork Starter Kit, PLUS our fantastic new Missouri River Deluxe Adjustable Bead Loom in either the 23″ or 41″ version, along with the excellent book, Beadworking with Today’s Materials.

Better Beading Tools Make for Better Beading!

Also on sale is our Magnifying Visor. This makes the task of working with small seed beads much easier. You’ll wonder how you did beadwork without it!
NOTE: The ‘Beadwork Starter Kit’ shown below is not included in the sale.

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