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Primitive Camp Grounds

Crazy Crow Trading Post offers this list of general crafts, craft supply, blade and outdoor living Internet Resources to help you in your search for A definition of primitive camping from the guys at Primitive Camping Adventures seems pretty spot-on:

1) First off, if you are staying in an RV, there is no need to read the rest of the list… you are not Primitive Camping.

2) Did you strap on a pack and hike it in to your campsite? If not, chances are, you are still not Primitive Camping.

3) Can you see your car? If so, you are automatically NOT Primitive Camping.

4) Thirsty? Take a drink. Did you just get water from a something sticking out of the ground, right next to your tent? Primitive Camping? NOT!

5) You just got to your campsite. Do your legs ache? If not, you are probably not camping too primitive.

6) Do you see flames? If you are Primitive Camping, then you better run. I think the woods are on fire.

7) If you just plugged in this thingy with two prongs into another deal sticking out of the ground, and something started humming, you are most decidedly NOT Primitive Camping.

8) Do you know what Propane is? If you just went, “Huh?”, you really need to stay home anyway.

9) Have you ever gone into the woods, dug a deep hole, spent a little time out there, and returned with less toilet paper than when you left? Congratulations… you are Primitive Camping.

Glacier National Park
There are ten major campgrounds in Glacier National Park. There are also backcountry sites for backpackers. Campers without reservations may inquire about site availability at kiosks located near the campground entrance. Primitive camping is available at many of these camp sites – check the web site for availability.

Primitive Camping Adventures

Smoky Mountain Express
Primitive Camping in the Smoky Mountains
Smoky Mountain Search Engine provides information on camp sites in the Smoky Mountains. Shows many locations for primitive camping.
This is a premier site constructed completely for the road warriors who venture out every year to discover new and untouched lands around the country. And for those who are taking the whole family. Includes many camping resources and thousands of camp sites.

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Cape Cod Camping
Maurice’s Campground, with tent sites, cabins and cottages, located minutes from the Cape Cod National Seashore beaches in Massachusetts. Family run campsites with and without hookups, nestled in a pine grove adjacent to the Cape Cod bike trail.