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2019 Desert Rose Memorial Day Rendezvous

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Experience pre-1840s fur-trade life at the Desert Rose Memorial Day Rendezvous on May 24-27, 2019 at the Desert Rose Ranch in Lebanon, Oregon. Hosted by the Forest Hills Black Powder Brigade, the Desert Rose Memorial Day Rendezvous is open to the public and will feature numerous activities for participation and observation. Included in these activities are shooting trails for primitive black powder rifles, pistols and squirrel gun.

Between 1823 and 1840 rendezvous were places where trappers would come down out of the mountains to meet with the fur trade company supply wagon and other trappers and trade the pelts and hides they had gathered throughout the year for supplies to make it through the next trapping season.

Black powder shooting contests at the Desert Rose Memorial Day Rendezvous include both “target” and “trail” events. The difference between a trail walk and a typical target shoot is that shooters will walk down a trail and shoot in different situations with a variety of targets. Shooters will also get an extra point if they are in primitive clothing but it is not required. This is also true with the tomahawk and knife trail, where participants will have to display and ability to stick a knife or tomahawk into stumps from different distances.

Desert Rose Memorial Day Rendezvous

Also included in the black powder shooting contests is a couples shoot, the tomahawk and knife throwing trail, children’s games and a frying pan toss. Often times included in the toss are sometimes less-than-willing targets who have to stand in front of their wives and friends as they hurl a frying pan at them.

Attend the morning shooters meeting for an extra trail point.

Contest Divisions: Men’s, Women’s, Young adult (15-18), Juniors (11-14),
and peewee (6-10).

Trail Walk: Patched round ball, open iron sights only. Extra point for primitive dress, foot wear optional.

Contest Entry Fees: Family $25, Single adult $15, Young adult $10, Juniors $5, PeeWee FREE!
You may shoot in a second division for $10.

Other Events: Shotgun $5.00, Squirrel Trail $1.00, Archery Trail $1.00, Long Gong $1.00, Couples Shoot $1.00, Frying Pan Toss $1.00 per/toss, Childrens Games FREE!

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