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2018 Morgans Victory March Reenactment

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Join us for the annual Morgans Victory March Reenactment on January 13-14, 2018, taking the route of Daniel Morgan and his Flying Army on a two-day 25 mile walk that will begin at Grindal Shoals, near Pacolet, and end at the Cowpens National Battlefield. The reenactment takes place on the weekend in January that is closest to the original date of January 15-16, 1781.

On the March we relive Morgan’s activities during the two-day race with the enemy while also planning how to use his soldiers to win a great victory at a place called the Cowpens. Hikers and bikers (non-motorized) may go the entire route or choose only the segments that interest them. Horseback riders are welcome to participate as horses add to the excitement along the route. Reenactors and historians will describe what was happening at that time over 200 years ago as the militia units were mustering and moving to help Morgan’s Continentals defend their homeland against British invaders.

Two Day March: The first leg of the march is about 13 and one half miles. The Sunday portion, ending at the Cowpens National Battlefield, is about 11 and one half miles.

Registration is required: Marchers should pre-register with the Town of Pacolet (864-474-950) or email Marchers will be asked to sign a waiver of liability for the sponsors and landowners located along the route. There is no charge for marcher but donations will be accepted.

Transportation: It is not necessary that you walk the entire distance. There will be horse drawn wagons and carriages for those that prefer not to walk.

Marchers should wear warm clothes suitable for the weather and bring their own snacks. The marchers will see the beautiful country from Grindal Shoals to Cowpens National Battlefield. The Morgans Victory March is a great way to get an idea how the weather, natural conditions, and distance helped shape how the Victory of Cowpens turned out!

On this weekend tour, we will march along the same route at about the same pace that Morgan used as he moved his army on January 15th and 16th in 1781. This year the National Battlefield will award a “Morgan’s Flying Army” medal to first-time marchers that complete the entire route!

During Morgans Victory March, reenactors and historians will describe what was happening in 1781 as the militia units were mustering and moving to help Morgan’ Continentals defend their homeland against the British invaders.

Starting Location
Grindal Shoals, South Carolina
Geo Coordinates: 34°53’18.5″N 81°38’35.4″W,

Morgan and Grindal Shoals
Until just the morning before Tarleton crossed at Easterwood, General Morgan and his little army had been camped at Grindal Shoals, just 5 miles downstream from Easterwood and about 7 miles from the Pacolet Mills bridge. Morgan and his army had arrived at Grindal Shoals on Christmas Day, about three weeks before. On the night of Jan. 14, Morgan had received word that Tarleton and his army were coming after him. The next morning, on Jan. 15, Morgan had started his army on the march in an effort to get away from the British. His army marched up the Green River Road. Today, some of that road is known as the Asbury Highway or Hwy 211. His army entered the Asbury Highway portion just beside where Wagstop Plantation is located today. After a few miles, they turned right on the part of the Green River Road that is known today as “Goucher School Road”. This is just before where Knuckles Chapel Church is located today.

Just one day behind them, the British army marched up the Quarter Round Road until they too came into the Green River Road at an intersection near to the present location of Knuckles Chapel. Now, both armies were on the same road to their deadly meeting at Cowpens.

Ending Location
Cowpens National Battlefield
338 New Pleasant Road
Gaffney, SC 29341
(864) 461-2828

The Battle of Cowpens was a very important American victory against overwhelming odds. The Battleground is about 9 miles northwest of Cowpens. The American General Daniel Morgan did all he could do to get away from the British army under Tarleton. As we have seen at Easterwood and Grindal Shoals, the British army was just moving too fast for Morgan to get away. Morgan realized that Tarleton was going to catch him. He decided to stop and fight him at a place of his own choosing rather than to let Tarleton catch his army as it was crossing the Broad River only five miles away.

Morgan planned a brilliant strategy for the battle that is still studied in Military Schools to this day. The battle was fought in the early morning on January 17, 1781 and barely lasted an hour. It was a complete Patriot victory over the British army. The Patriot forces under General Morgan crushed and destroyed the British army. It contributed to the British surrender at Yorktown, Virginia ten months later.

Mark your calendar today so you don’t miss the next Morgans Victory March Reenactment and be part of “Morgans’ Flying Army!”

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