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Crazy Crow Trading Post offers this list of Buckskinner, Mountain Man & Blackpowder related links to help you in your search for information about clubs, associations, history and related topics. Inclusion in this list does not represent an endorsement by Crazy Crow, although we do try to be selective – and reserve the right to do so.

This exhibition displays illustrated traveler’s narratives and original art by travelers from the later 18th to the late 19th century. Geographically it covers travelers to North America in its broadest sense, from the high Arctic to the Caribbean. In almost every item shown, the printed images are based on original artwork by either the author or an artist connected with a larger expedition or team which included the narrative’s author.

The show is arranged in six broad thematic categories, which try to illuminate some of the variety and richness the illustrating travelers brought to their work. Each section has been divided into three WWW pages to reduce the time required to load them.