Mountain Man & Voyageur Rendezvous by U.S. State

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This Mountain Man & Voyageur Rendezvous by U.S. State link listing from Crazy Crow directs you to our Rendezvous display by state. It is different from our current Rendezvous or other Historic Renactor list displays as it also shows events from the prior year that have not yet been updated. There are many reasons that these may not be updated as very few are actually cancelled. So, if we haven’t been able to get the most up-to-date info, you still have a resource with contact info you can use on your own to inquire. NOTE: if you find out about a current date or contact change before we do, please let us know!

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Mountain Man Clothing: Outfitting Buckskinners from Head to Foot

Whatever your rendezvous needs (other than guns), Crazy Crow Trading Post has it! As the largest supplier of Native American Indian crafts and craft supplies (which are what rendezvous-lovers use as well) we have everything for all types of mountain man clothes and gear. From head to foot, we can outfit you (or help you make your own) to get you ready for your first (or fifty-first) mountain man rendezvous or black powder shooting event.

Redezvous Camp Central

We're also your rendezvous & primitive camping supply center too. From cast iron firetools and cookware to wedge tents and a great selection of personal gear, we'll have everything to make your stay at the rendezvous, buckskinner or shooting event more enjoyable.

About Crazy Crow’s Rendezvous Calendar

Crazy Crow Trading Post has offered it’s Rendezvous Calendar since 2002. Things have changed an awful lot since then. In recent years, we have greatly expanded the format of the Rendezvous & Historic Reenactments that we feature. We’ve added more images – in many (most now) a ‘mini-photo-gallery’ – and in some a full blown media gallery that includes images and videos. One thing we’re sure of is that our Calendar of Rendezvous & Historic Reenactments offers the most detail and information about any event we list than you will usually find even on the host organizations site. Please let us know of any events we’re missing (in any state, and Canada) – and if you find something that is incorrect, let us know about that too! Thanks for visiting. Happy Powwowing!

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