Jackson Civil War Muster Gallery

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Don’t miss the annual Jackson Civil War Muster in August at Sparks Foundation County Park in Jackson, Michigan. Check out living history exhibits and exciting educational events for the whole family. Both days over the weekend, we will have battle reenactments, a live music festival, the village of Jacksonburgh, sutlers row, and arts and crafts show, and so much more. The Jackson Civil War Muster is the largest, longest running Civil War event in the Midwest and offers educational family fun for all ages. Join us and experience history come to life.

More than 1,500 participants bring the 1860s to life at the Jackson Civil War Muster, attended by around 30,000 spectators every year. Since 1984, the annual two-day Muster has featured the reenactment of a different battle on each day. The battles alternate each year, so last year’s battle will never be the same as this year’s. It’s a unique opportunity to relive a turning point in our country’s history, and one that few reenactments can beat.

A Weekend in the Past
An average morning at the Jackson Civil War Muster begins with battalion drills from both sides, Union and Confederate. Events follow in the Historic Village of Jacksonburgh, a battle encampment re-creation that houses historian lectures, impersonators and period music in the hours leading up to the battle. The main attraction features 1,500 reenactors armed with weapons, uniforms and personalities that would have been commonplace during the Civil War. Guests and participants often join for a concert, a military ball and an artillery “night fire” when the battels are over. Admission is free for spectators. For more information and a detailed schedule of the two-day event, visit CivilWarMuster.org.

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