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Join us for the Annual Feast of the Hunters Moon in October at Historic Fort Ouiatenon Park near West Lafayette, Indiana. Thousands of skilled interpreters, French, English and other military reenactors, musicians, and artisans engage the imagination while inspiring exploration of the music, cultures, and crafts of the past. The first European settlement in Indiana, Fort Ouiatenon experienced different cultures and lifeways that built our nation.

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Feast of the Hunters Moon

The Feast of the Hunters Moon offers both the public and the participants a realistic portrayal of the people, cultures, and lifestyles that existed on the French and English colonial frontier in the Great Lakes region during the time of Fort Ouiatenon, which encompassed the period from 1717-1791. We want to interpret this time and place as accurately as possible in order to offer the public an educational and unforgettable experience, and also to honor the people who lived here.

The Feast of the Hunters Moon is a weekend festival and historical reenactment held each fall on the first weekend of October (first Sunday) since 1968, at the present-day site of Fort Ouiatenon, a replica 18th century French military and trading post near West Lafayette, Indiana. The Feast is held on the grounds of the Historic Fort Ouiatenon Park, on the Wabash River. The blockhouse is a replica of the original Fort Ouiatenon, which was the first fortified European settlement in what is now called Indiana. The fort served as a French trading post and was located approximately one mile downriver from the replica.