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2019 Feast of the Hunters Moon

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Join us for the 52nd Annual Feast of the Hunters Moon on October 5-6,  2019 at Historic Fort Ouiatenon Park near West Lafayette, Indiana. Thousands of skilled interpreters, French, English and other military reenactors, musicians, and artisans engage the imagination while inspiring exploration of the music, cultures, and crafts of the past. The first European settlement in Indiana, Fort Ouiatenon experienced different cultures and lifeways that built our nation.

Feast of the Hunters Moon

The Feast of the Hunters Moon offers both the public and the participants a realistic portrayal of the people, cultures, and lifestyles that existed on the French and English colonial frontier in the Great Lakes region during the time of Fort Ouiatenon, which encompassed the period from 1717-1791. We want to interpret this time and place as accurately as possible in order to offer the public an educational and unforgettable experience, and also to honor the people who lived here.

The Feast of the Hunters Moon is a weekend festival and historical reenactment held each fall on the first weekend of October (first Sunday) since 1968, at the present-day site of Fort Ouiatenon, a replica 18th century French military and trading post near West Lafayette, Indiana.

The Feast is held on the grounds of the Historic Fort Ouiatenon Park, on the Wabash River. The blockhouse is a replica of the original Fort Ouiatenon, which was the first fortified European settlement in what is now called Indiana. The fort served as a French trading post and was located approximately one mile downriver from the replica.

Admission & Ticket Information
Adult: One-Day Pass: Advance- $10; Gate- $13; Weekend Pass- $18
Child (4-16): One-Day Pass: Advance- $5; Gate- $7; Weekend Pass- $9
Children under 4: Free
Family Pass (2 adults and up to 4 children): Advance- $30; Gate- $35.00
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Thursday and Friday School Days (not open to public)
Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EDT
Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EDT

Feast of the Hunters Moon Gallery Preview

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Program for Feast of the Hunters Moon
During the festival, participants reenact the annual fall gathering of the French and Native Americans which took place at Fort Ouiatenon in the mid-18th century.[5][6] Participants dress in the garb of the 18th century French soldiers, settlers, and Native Americans who lived in this region.[7][8] Food vendors sell traditional period foods such as rabbit stew, voyageur stew, and venison sausage.[6][8] The program also includes music, marching, dancing and renenacted military maneuvers.

Musical performances
As part of the event, various musical acts perform, including Native American drummers, historical folk music performers, French folksingers and period fife and drum corps.

Living history presentations
The event includes historical reenactments featuring period characters from the 1700s to educate visitors about the lives and culture of the period. One historical interpreter presented a Delaware Indian who first served as a scout for the French and whose people lived along the Wabash River in the 1700s and co-existed peacefully with the French at the outpost. Others play traders and gunsmiths, such as “Pierre Rolletof” of French Scots-Irish descent who traveled along the Wabash River trading a range of items, including guns, and also gunsmithed as he traveled. Other reenactors have demonstrated various period trades and crafts, including a chairmaker who built Windsor chairs to order, spending 40–45 hours per chair.[

Fort Ouiatenon Park
3129 S. River Road
West Lafayette, IN 47906

Location, Parking & Access Detail
The Feast of the Hunters Moon is held on the grounds of Historic Fort Ouiatenon Park, a primitive country setting on South River Road, four miles southwest of West Lafayette Indiana. The grounds stretch across more than 30 acres along the banks of the Wabash River.

Handicapped Accessible: Authorized vehicles may use handicapped parking area located near the west entry gate. Handicapped accessible toilets are available. A handicapped accessible shuttle bus is available from the Purdue University parking lot. Please note that the terrain of the Feast grounds is uneven.

Pets: Except for assistance animals, NO PETS are permitted on the festival grounds during open hours.

Parking: If you are coming from outside Lafayette, we recommend you use the free parking available at the Purdue University Lot L – M, north of Ross-Ade Stadium at the corner of Northwestern and Cherry Lane. You can follow the signs for the Purdue Ross-Ade Stadium. Shuttle Buses run continuously from the Stadium to the Feast from 8 am to 6 pm (Saturday) / 5 pm (Sunday) Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

School Days
The Historical Association annually offers Thursday and Friday before the public event as two special days at the Feast of the Hunters Moon for school groups:

School Days Detail
Thursday: “Special Kids Day” reserved for special education students at all grades. Students with special needs come for the day to participate in 18th century life on the Ouabache. The Thursday before the weekend of the Feast.

Friday is “Feast Friday Fun Day” reserved for first through sixth grade students. Students visit a variety of re-enactors, craftspeople, and entertainers making history come alive! The Friday before the weekend of the Feast.

Call (765) 476-8411 extension 206 for more information or reservations.

Download Educational Material PDF

Food Booths
The number and type of food booths is amazing. If you’re hankering for fry bread, buffalo stew, Rabbit Stew, Roasted Corn, Buffalo Burgers, Homemad Roootbeer, or breakfast, lunch and dinner fare, this is the place. Most food booths are operated by local not-for-profit groups that use their proceeds for charitable projects.

As you would expect, a huge gathering of sutlers will be present at the Feast of the Hunters Moon to offer period-era wares and crafts. Furs, clothing, wood work, toys, baskets, applehead dolls, musical instruments, barrels, cast iron fireworks, quilts and blankets, pottery, herbs, leather, and much more will be available for you to peruse and purchase.

Feast of the Hunters Moon

Participant Information
At the Feast of the Hunters Moon We want to interpret this time and place (French and English colonial frontier in the Great Lakes from 1717-1791) as accurately as possible in order to offer the public an educational and unforgettable experience. Participants, merchandise, entertainment, and food should be appropriate to our time period and place, to the best of our knowledge and ability. Please read carefully the quality control section on the “Feast Participation Webpage“. All participants are responsible for knowing what types of costume, equipment, and merchandise are appropriate for their area.

Events Locations
Artillery Park (#364)
Blockhouse (#133)
Boat Ramp (#229)
Cricket Field (#447)
Dulcimer Gathering (#119)
Heritage Musick and Daunce Society (#106)
Jim’s Red Pants (#115)
Tim Schaiper (#310)
Tomahawk Range (#214)
Voyageur Camp (#228)
Wea Indian Historic Village of Ouiatenon (#217)
Ridge Arena
Voyageur Stage

Activites for Children
The Feast is full of sights and sounds that will be a treat for all ages. In addition to the many performances, displays, and the scenes of live from the 18th century, these booths have crafts, merchandise, and activities that have proven to be especially interesting to younger Feast visitors.

Children's Activities Detail
Site Activity
106 Heritage Musick and Daunce Society
115 Jim’s Red Pants
119 Dulcimer Gathering
133 Fort Ouiatenon Blockhouse
134 TCHA Storytelling Booth
140 Children’s Bead Tent
141 Candlemaking Booth
144 TCHA Children’s Gifts
211 Hands On Pottery
214 Tomahawk Throw
215 Children’s Costume Try-On
216 Children’s Trade Blanket
217 Wea Historic Living Village of Ouiatenon
218 Historical Games Challenge
310 Tim Schaiper
348 Native American Stories
413 Cross Cut Sawing
415 Lyons Family Ropemakers
434 Parson John Living History
447 Colonial Cricket
455 Voyageur Ancient Fife and Drum
459 Wabash Valley Woodworkers Great Wheel

Holy cow, there’s so much to see and do! Be sure to mark your calendar today for the annual Feast of the Hunters Moon at Historic Fort Ouiatenon Park near West Lafayette, Indiana!

Feast of the Hunters Moon

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