Redbud Trail Rendezvous

2019 Redbud Trail Rendezvous and Civil War Encampment Rate This Event Experience pre-1865 history at the Annual Redbud Trail Rendezvous and Civil War Encampment April 27-28, 2019  at the Fulton County Museum in Rochester, Indiana with live music, dance, pre-1840s fur trade era reenactors, Civil War reenactors, food cooked over wood fires, and [...]

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Yellow River Festival

2018 Yellow River Festival Rate This Event All are invited to the 12th Annual Yellow River Festival on June 2-3, 2018 at River Park Square on the Yellow River in downtown Plymouth, Indiana. The Yellow River Festival celebrates the first 30 years of Marshall County history, encompassing 1812-1940, with period music and [...]

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Yorktown Civil War Weekend

2018 Yorktown Civil War Weekend Rate This Event Join us for the annual Yorktown Civil War Weekend on April 14-15, 2018 at the Watermen's Museum (and other venues) in Yorktown, Virginia for an exploration of Yorktown's Civil War History with living history demonstrations and special exhibits located throughout Yorktown. Yorktown Civil War Weekend [...]

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