Crow Calls Knife Blade Sale on Select Popular Knife Blades

Crazy Crow Trading Post Knife blade sale offers 20% savings on popular, select knife blades. Choose from Cherokee Bowie & Rifleman’s Knife Blades and Hand-Forged Carbon Steel Blades.

Cherokee Bowie & Rifleman’s Knife Blades

Two of our most popular knives are now available as loose blades so you can add a handle of your choosing to make your own knife! The Cherokee Bowie is often illustrated in early paintings of Cherokees and other tribes and was originally made by Gravely & Weeks in Sheffield, England. The Rifleman’s Blade is typical of the Eastern Longhunter knives that were so popular from pre-Revolutionary times and throughout the Fur Trade era.

Hand-Forged Carbon Steel Blades

Featuring a smoother finish and more consistent quality, they still show the marks of forging by hand for a rustic appearance. Simply add a handle to keep that nice hand-forged appeal, or you can slick them down for a more finished look. Sharpened and ready for final finishing.