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OUR COVER: Entitled “Golden Flowers”, by internationally renowned award
winning western artist, Alfredo Rodriguez. Professionally painting since 1968, his work is featured in many collections and museums worldwide. His paintings explore the richness of the early American West with emphasis on the inhabitants that lived within it. In this painting, he has captured the dignity of the American Indian spirit and the
unique beauty of the traditional clothing. For more background information, prints and books please visit

AUTHENTICITY: It has always been a high priority to provide the most authentic products possible, while we continue our research efforts and make improvements to our products. We continue working to expand our line with new & improved products, providing you with the highest quality and most authentic items at the best possible prices!

NEW WEBSITE: We are continuing to upgrade and enhance our shopping cart and website in general, with on-line product availability, higher quality product photos with multiple views, more interesting articles, and the most comprehensive Calendar of Events on the web! Watch for more information and improvements that will make your shopping experience easier and more informative.

VIDEOS: We have recently produced 3 informative new videos available on our website and will be adding more in the coming months. See our YouTube channel for information on Working with Leather, Fitting & Caring for your Tomahawk, and Getting to Know Crazy Crow.

CRAFT TIPS, INFORMATION & UPCOMING EVENTS: Visit our website for free, informative features for dancers, craft workers, horn workers, buckskinners, and other historic reenactors.

“SPECIAL FINDS & CLOSEOUTS”: More items are added as they become available, featuring special handcrafted pieces and sale items not normally included in our catalog.

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FAST SHIPMENT: As always, this is a top priority for us, with your orders normally shipped within 12 to 24 hours, averaging 95% complete!

We look forward to serving you in 2018, and we extend our sincere appreciation for your loyalty, support, and suggestions over these many years!

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