Guild of Contemporary Horn Workers and Collectors

The Honourable Company of Horners A Guild of Contemporary Horn Workers and Collectors Crafting & Collecting Works of an Ancient Material: Cattle Horn Rate This Event In 1996, Roland Cadle of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, who had long been interested in the historic 18th Century horn trade, decided to host a "Horn Fair" at the [...]

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How To Buy German Silverwork

How To Buy German Silverwork Like any piece of jewelry, German silver pieces need to have quality workmanship, be attractive, and be comfortable to wear. However, since these are American Indian-style products and an art form they have other characteristics as well. by Barry Hardin Vol. 40 No. 5 Issue 279, Reprinted with permission of [...]

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Ingenious Folding Candlesticks for Travelers

Brighton Buns - Ingenious Traveling Candlesticks for Travelers © 2013 Crazy Crow Trading Post From approximately 1735 through 1925, explorers, travelers, military officers, and European Royalty all employed a distinctive type of folding candlestick on their journeys. Perhaps because of their resemblance when packed for travel to [...]

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