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2019 NRLHF Northeastern Primitive Rendezvous

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All are invited to the 25th NRLHF Northeastern Primitive Rendezvous on July 12-19, 2019 Pawlet, Vermont. The Northeastern Primitive Rendezvous is an extraordinary encampment, the largest in the Northeast. Public days are Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Guests will be immersed in pre-1840 history as they stroll through the paths and trails of the village. There will be programs featuring artisans, historians, musicians, tribal life and guest speakers. Settlers will be selling their authentic foods and old-fashioned merchandise outside their tents. Guests can even test their hawk and knife throwing skills! Outside the gate will be a craft area filled with local vendors.

NRLHF Northeastern Primitive Rendezvous

Pre-registration deadline June 12, 2019
Please register in advance if possible. It helps with deciding on number of port-a- johns, amount of wood, amount of food and other decisions.

Public Visitors:
(No registration required)
$5 donation at the gate ages 13 and older. 12 and under free.

–NMLRA members and spouse – $50 each
–Non-members – $60 each
–Children 17 and younger – free
–Registration at gate – add $10 per adult
–Early set-up – $5/day per adult if not pre-registered
–Trader – $50
–Commercial blanket trader – $20

For a printable pre-registration form from the NRLHF website, click here.

Mail completed registration form with a check made out to NRLHF to:
NRLHF, PO Box 376, Hershey PA, 17033

To register online: Visit NRLHF Website and click on “Shopping Cart” on the menu bar. You may pay through a Paypal account. Your paperwork will be
waiting for you at the gate, or better yet, fill out a registration form and take it with you. (Please note: To pay online you must wait until after January 1.)

For more Registration Information:
Contact NRLHF at: 717-312-3016 Fax: 717-707-0718

For information about event:
Rules and regulations, ethics, trade rules and other information, please click here.

To print a pre-registration form, please click here.

NRLHF Northeastern Primitive Rendezvous Mini Gallery

Rendezvous Rules
Rendezvous Rules are in effect from 7am Friday, July 12 through Friday, July 19. The opening ceremony will be at 7pm on Friday, July 12th. The Closing Ceremony will be at 7pm on July 19th. It is asked that participants stay period correct through the event until Closing Ceremonies.

Gate hours: 8am – 6pm for early set-up. Early set-up for all pre-registered participants will begin Wednesday, July 10. There is no fee. Non-preregistered participants will be charged an additional $5.00 per day per adult early set-up fee.

Gate hours on Friday July 12, Monday July 15, Tuesday July 16, Thursday July 18, and Friday July 19, are 8-10am (vehicles must leave camp by 11am) and 3-5pm (vehicles must leave camp by 6pm). Gate hours for Public days on Saturday July 13, Sunday July 14, and Monday July 15, are from 7am to 9am (vehicles must be out of camp by 10am) and from 5pm to 7pm (vehicles must be out of camp by 8pm).

GATE REGISTRATION ONLY: Campers may enter the gate from Wednesday morning, July 18th through Friday, July 20th for a fee of $40.00 per person, whether they are NMLRA Members or not, and be allowed to camp for the duration of the event. They will have full rights including medallion, feast, and competitions.

Modern Camping will be available adjacent to the Rendezvous area. There WILL NOT be any hookups.

Camp meetings will be held at 7pm during the event, with the exception of Wednesday July 17 when camp meeting will be at 6pm to allow participants to enjoy our Ice Cream Social after the meeting.

Clothing, lodges, and accoutrements must be from the period 1640-1840 in North America. Absolutely NO modern footwear or sunglasses unless medically required. Eye and ear protection is encouraged on the firing line only. Modern items (coolers, cell phones, cans, etc.) must be kept out of sight at all times. No modern weapons. NO propane, kerosene, charcoal lighter, or similar flammable liquids will be permitted. Exceptions may be made for food vendors and handicapped participants. Propane cylinders must be kept out of sight at all times. Commercial food vendor equipment will be inspected by Rendezvous staff for safety. Fire extinguishers are required by State Law. Inspectors have the final word concerning safety. Photography equipment must be covered when not in use. NO FLASH photography.

Handicapped participants must abide by the rules as much as possible. Handicap carts and walkers are allowed. NRLHF follows ADA rules for service dogs.

Pets: NO PETS are allowed in primitive camp. Pets in the modern camping area are subject to the NRLHF nuisance law.

Wood, Water & Trash: Firewood, hooters, water, and dumpsters will be provided. Trash must be in tied plastic bags. Ice will be sold on site.

Trade Policy – A “Trader” or “Sutler” is defined as anyone who sets up a trade shelter or lodge or sets up a trade blanket or hide with goods for sale. A “Small Blanket or Hide” is restricted to one blanket or hide per license, and must not exceed 110″ X 110″.

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No fee is paid if the total value of goods does not exceed $500 dollars. A “Large Trade Blanket” with two or more blankets or hides with items for sale may contain up to $2000 dollars in merchandise. A “Commercial Trader” is anyone who offers goods for sale, trade, or barter with a total value over $2001 dollars. The only items to be displayed, sold, or traded in any way are originals or reproductions of articles in common use in North America during the period 1640-1840. No modern packaging, labels, or price tags are to be displayed. Books, patterns, CDs, etc. must deal directly with or depict this time period and must be displayed in a trade shelter. For all trade-related matters, the decision of the Trade Captain is final. Blanket traders are required to abide by all trade rules. Inspections will be done by the Trade Captain or his/her designee. Dealers and processors of furs, claws, feathers, etc., it is your responsibility to confirm the compliance of goods with Federal and Maine State Game Regulations.

Disruptive Conduct: Conduct which disrupts the peace and order of the camp may result in immediate expulsion from the event. Stealing, fighting, or illegal drug use will not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion from the event. Depending on the severity of the action, local law enforcement may be notified. The sale, trade, or barter of alcohol is prohibited!

2019 Northeastern Primitive Rendezvous Site
701 Herrick Brook Road
Pawlet, VT 05761
Latitude 43.2310 | Longitude 73.09.499

Directions: From Manchester, VT
Take VT Route 30 North 10.7 Miles.
Turn right onto 133, Danby Pawlet Road 8 miles
Turn right onto Herrick Brook Road
go 2.7 to Ross Pit Road.
Herrick Brook and Ross Pit are dirt roads.

For More Information:
NRLHA: Call 717-312-3016; Email; NRLHF Rules & Regs
Booshway: Sarah Fisher: Call 802-468-4730;

NRLHF Northeastern Primitive Rendezvous

Mark your calendar today so you don’t miss the NRLHF Northeastern Primitive Rendezvous on the 2nd full week of July at the Historic Wiswell Farm in Orrington, Maine.

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Please do NOT contact Crazy Crow about these events, except for corrections.
We provide these listings as a service, and we have nothing to do with the events. So you must contact the event sponsors for further information and validation of location, dates & times!

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