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2019 Smoking Waters Mountain Man Rendezvous

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Don’t miss the 14th Annual Smoking Waters Mountain Man Rendezvous & 1800s Living History Encampment on August 2-11, 2019 at the Old Airport in West Yellowstone, Montana. This event brings life to the history of West Yellowstone for visitors coming to see how the mountain men lived, worked and traded in the old days. The Smoking Waters Mountain Man Rendezvous & 1800s Living History Encampment features entertainment, demonstrations and seminars related to trades and crafts of the fur trade era of the early 1800s. Enjoy troytelling, traders row, beading, leatherwork, parfletch, knife and hawk throws, primitive bow shooting and competition, primitive bow making, flint knapping, food and much more!

Smoking Waters Rendezvous

Entrance is FREE to the public! Open 9:30-5:00 Daily

Smoking Waters Mountain Man Rendezvous Events:
Register 2nd Saturday of Rendezvous @ 9 a.m. – Shoot 10 a.m.
Sponsored by Fort Henry Buckskinners, Idaho
Contact: Mike “Iron Horse” Hogle: 208.760.9910 or Scott Murdoch: 208.390.0151

Register  1st & 2nd Sundays @ 8 a.m.
$5.00 Fee – prizes awarded to top three places.
Public may participate.*
*(A primitive, handmade wood bow is required)

KNIFE AND HAWK COMPETITION: tentatively scheduled for immediately following bow shoot.

Fees: For 10 Day Event $125.00 – 5 Days or less $75.00
Traders must have primitive style canvas tents. No easy-ups or plastic tents. Goods must relate to the 1800s time period.

Smoking Waters Mountain Man Rendezvou Mini-Gallery