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2019 Rocky Boy Powwow

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The 54th Annual Rocky Boy Powwow is coming August 2-4, 2019 at the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation in Rocky Boy, Montana. The Rocky Boy Powwow is the largest event hosted by the Chippewa Cree Tribe of Rocky Boy Montana, and we want you to know that all are welcome. For one weekend every August, Rocky Boys Indian Reservation, the smallest of Montana’s seven reservations, jumps up in population while hosting a lively celebration of Native American culture, drawing visitors from across the continent. Surrounded by rolling prairies, with the Bear Paw Mountains in the distance, it is here that the Chippewa Cree Tribe of Rocky Boy holds its annual powwow. Over $400,000 in cash and prizes for singing and dancing competitions!

Rocky Boy Powwow

The gathering is a fascinating marriage of the modern and traditional. Campers, minivans and nylon tents join traditional teepees in forming the camps that encircle the Rocky Boy Powwow grounds.

One look at license plates on nearby cars shows the distances that some come from to be at this celebration. There are vehicles with plates from Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, Minnesota and Alberta, Canada just to name a few.

Whether the cars belong to powwow dancers, singers and committee people or to the spectators who come to see what’s going on, the Rocky Boy Powwow offers best of the fun and excitement of the dance; the sounds of the many singing groups; the smells from the food vendors booths; and everything else that you can expect at one of West’s biggest powwows.

Rocky Boy Powwow Location
Rocky Boy’s Reservation is near the Canadian border, in north central Montana. It is graced by the beautiful Bears Paw Mountains.
Driving Directions
See the map or map link to the right or do a Google Maps search for: ‘Agency Road & Clearview, Rocky Boy, MT 59521’.
Follow those directions and you’re almost there – certainly close enough to see the powwow signs. Editor’s note: We could not find any address location on the internet to get this close. Our thanks to John at the Haver Daily News for getting us this close!

More general information: Dustin Whitford or Caryn Sangrey 406-395-5705
Vendor Information: Tanya Schmokel 406-395-4478

Chippewa Cree Rocky Boy Pow Wow Mini Gallery

Powwow Head Staff
Headwoman: Valerie Parker
Headman: Ningozis White
Announcers: Howie Thomson, Vince Beyl, Darly Wright II
Arena Director: Rusty Gillette
Grounds Coordinator: Rooster Top Sky
Smokedance Singer Coordinator: Jordan Smith
Head Singing Judges (Northern): Randall Paskemin, Sarain Youngbear
Head Singing Judge (Southern): Poncho Brady
Sound: Hokah Sound
Host Drums: Bear Creek, Southern Style

Drum Contest Categories
Northern & Southern
Competition Singing Only (No Day Pay)
No Drum Hopping

Women’s Dance Contest Categories
Women’s Jr (18-39); Women’s Sr (40-59)
Jingle, Fancy Shawl, Traditional So. Buckskin/Cloth Comb.
Women’s All Ages Combined
Crow Style, Smoke Dance, Applique
60+ Women’s Golden Age Combined

Men’s Dance Contest Categories
Men’s Jr (18-39); Men’s Sr (40-59)
Grass, Traditional, Fancy, Chicken, So. Straight
Men’s All Ages Combined
Crow Style, Smoke Dance, Woodland
60+ Women’s Golden Age Combined

JRs (6-12); Teens (13-18)
Boys: Grass, Traditional, Fancy, Chicken
Girls: Jingle, Fancy, Traditional

Tiny Tots: Paid Daily

Powwow Committee & Head Staff Specials: TBA

Rocky Boy Cree Powwow

Mark your calendar today so you don’t miss the next Rocky Boy Powwow at the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation in Rocky Boy, Montana the first weekend of August.

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