Witness 1777 at Fort Ticonderoga

Witness 1777 at Fort Ticonderoga Everyday!

Every day is an event at Fort Ticonderoga. Fort Ticonderoga is the only site in America that tells a new story each year through dynamic historical interpretation. In addition to the special events that take place during the year, daily programming brings to life this epic story through tours, soldier’s life programs, Carillon Boat Cruises, historic trades, soldier’s gardening and hands-on family programs.

The following schedule is typical of the season, May 7 – October 30. Check with the Fort for changes for any day you plan to visit.

Daily Tours & Demonstrations at Fort Ticonderoga

Discover Fort Ticonderoga: A True Early American Treasure

Key to the Continent Tour: The Year of the Hangman

Daily 10:15 AM, 1:15 PM, 3:00 PM
Could Ticonderoga have been held by the Continental Army in 1777? Was its loss a disaster or a prudent retreat? Create your own answers to questions that have enthralled officers and armchair generals alike for 239 years. Explore how two decades of military occupation culminated with rich cultures and characters at Ticonderoga in 1777.

Musket Firing Demonstrations

Daily 11:00 AM
Artillerymen were first trained as soldiers. In a pinch, soldiers were trained to serve the artillery. Discover how muskets and carbines, slung across the backs of cannon crews, were vital in the defense of their guns, their positions, and their lives.

Cannon Firing Demonstrations

Daily 2:00 PM
Don’t let the wooden wheels fool you, the cannon and its carriage was an intricate piece of military hardware. Discover the surprising power of a well-drilled cannon crew operating this finely-tuned weapon.

Discover Fort Ticonderoga: A True Early American Treasure

Breaking Ground: A Tour of the Historic Gardens

May, June, September, October 11:30 AM, 2:30 PM
July and August 11:45 AM & 2:45 PM
From military garrison gardens to a secluded colonial revival commemorative spectacle of color and light, explore one of the oldest cultivated landscapes in America. Discover the layers of horticultural history of the Ticonderoga peninsula.

A Continent’s Collections: A Guided Tour of the Fort Ticonderoga Museum

Daily 11:30 AM, and 2:30 PM (Parade Ground)
Exhibitions staff will lead you on a guided tour of this remarkable museum’s highlights. Begun more than a century ago, the Fort Ticonderoga museum has North America’s largest and most important collection of 18th-century military material culture. Get the scoop on the most significant, rare, and interesting pieces in the collection.

Hands-on Horticulture

July and August, 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Discover the techniques that make our garden thrive! Guests of all ages are invited to practice alongside garden staff as they demonstrate seeding, plant division and ways to care for blooming plants.

Mount Defiance: Witness to History Tour

Daily 4:00 PM
Oh the stories this graceful hill overlooking Fort Ticonderoga could tell! As Fort Ticonderoga relives 1777, discover the unique tactical role of Mount Defiance in the story of this decisive campaign.

Family Guided Tour

Daily July through August, 10:40 AM and 1:40 PM
In this fun, active tour, explore the history of this great fort. Discover all the fun things to do during your visit.

Fife & Drum Corps

Daily, July through August (various locations)
Listen to stirring tunes that eased the drudgery of a long march, or the many calls that regulated activity in the fort. Explore how drumbeats, trilling fifes and songs created an 18th-century world of military music.

Discover Fort Ticonderoga: A True Early American Treasure

Soldiers’ Life Programs

Programs Offered Daily

Explore the soldiers’ world in 1777 as campaigns brought men, women, and children from as far afield as Germany and Great Britain and as close as Canada and New England. With hands-on experiences discover 1777, one of the most decisive and diverse campaigns at Ticonderoga.

Soldiers’ Dinner

“195 barrels of beef, at 212 lbs,” each equals FOOD, on the scale of an army. Join the mess cook at the camp kitchen to discover how Ticonderoga was more supply depot than Fort. See how in 1777 soldiers’ rations could spell retreat, victory, or surrender.

Musket Maintenance

Whether cobbled together fowlers or brand new imported muskets, these weapons depended on the soldiers’ time and attention to keep them in working order. Watch as hot water, grease, and a little brick dust keep these weapons working; lock, stock and barrel.


Needle and thread weren’t just for clothes. From tents to knapsacks and tarps to bales examine the world of, “Campaign Necessaries,” that made skilled soldier-tailors necessary for far more than just clothing.


Whether a bounty of two pairs of shoes promised by the Continental Congress or two pairs of leather shoe soles donated by the King of England himself, explore how issues of economics and supply stitch together to protect a soldier’s feet. See shoemakers among the ranks repair their comrades’ shoes in a campaign that tried men’s souls.


As the epic campaign of 1777 unfolded the carpentry work of soldiers only quickened. Discover the incredible demand for lumber at Ticonderoga and how soldiers turned thousands of board feet into everything from barracks and bateaux to batteries and blockhouses.

Soldiers’ Gardening

Even as the British Army tightened the noose around American held Ticonderoga, soldiers were pulled from the lines to tend the garden. Discover how the King’s Garden still bore vital vegetables as it and Ticonderoga itself changed hands between armies in 1777.

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