American Indian Pow Wow Photo Gallery

Native American Indian Pow Wow :: Men’s Fancy Dance Regalia

American Indian Pow Wow :: Men’s Fancy Dance Regalia

Photo Credit: Derek Mathews – Gathering of Nations Pow Wow

What is a Native American Pow Wow?

A Native American pow wow is a celebration of heritage and traditions. It is a way for Native Americans to connect with each other while keeping their culture alive through dance, song and storytelling. For those events that are open to the public, Native American pow wows provide opportunities to educate non-natives about their culture and traditions. While Native American pow wows occur year-round, the majority are held between Memorial Day and Labor Day throughout the US and Canada. They are an important part of Native American life and a lot of fun for all who attend. For a list of pow wow events, see our Native American Pow Wow Calendar.

Men’s Fancy Dance

The Men’s Fancy dance (also referred to as Feather Dance) competition is usually considered the most spectacular of the men’s pow wow dances. It is usually performed by younger, athletic dancers due to the strength and stamina required. Feather dance contest songs are generally short, with a very fast tempo. While all contest dancers need to know the songs to stop firmly on that last beat, it’s particularly important for a feather dancer as ‘nailing’ the end of a very fast song is almost impossible without knowing the song.

Men’s Fancy Dance Regalia

Native American Fancy Dance regalia are brightly colored, with fringes, ribbons or other items flowing continuously with the movements of the dancer. Most dancers wear two colorful feather bustles in back, elaborate beadwork, and Angora goat or Icelandic sheep half leggings topped usually by sheep bells, dance apron and moccasins. Accessories include a porcupine roach with two feathers that rock (or twirl) to the beat, and often two arm bustles with brightly colored feathers.

Your Source For Native American Pow Wow Craft Supplies

Crazy Crow Trading Post has long been your number one source for Native American Indian craft supplies for your Pow Wow regalia and other needs. This photo gallery represents men’s feather dance outfits, both Northern and Southern Plains, mostly taken at Gathering of Nations Pow Wows in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We thank Derek Matthews of Gathering of Nations, and others who have given permission to present these photos in this gallery.