The Plains Warbonnet: Its Story and Construction

The Plains Warbonnet: Its Story and Construction

by Barry Hardin, Published by Crazy Crow Trading Post

The Plains Warbonnet has become the symbol most identified by the public with all Native Americans, regardless of their particular tribe or culture. This book addresses this misconception and other fascinating myths and realities pertaining to the warbonnet, such as its evolution, the meanings of the feathers and how they were acquired, materials and decorations, who had the rights to make and wear bonnets, and the several significant stylistic variations of the “typical” Plains warbonnet. By learning that the historic Plains bonnet was associated with bravery, power, and Indian traditions, we see that it was much more than a colorful head decoration.

The book is filled with color images and descriptions of museum examples from several tribes, as well as historic photos of Plains Indians wearing warbonnets with their ceremonial attire. And the Photo Gallery presents some of today’s best craftsmen with examples of their artistry.

In addition, large photos and color illustrations take the reader step by step through making a regular bonnet, single and double trailer variations, and the remarkable Straight Up bonnet of the Northern Plains and Plateau regions. Through the historical discussion and images of actual bonnets, a craftsman learns of many authentic, documented materials and adornments which he can apply during his bonnet-making to create a unique headdress.

By combining historical background with construction information, we believe this warbonnet book to be the most comprehensive work ever produced in print about this important symbol of the Native American.

Paperback, 128 pages, 130+ photos with most in full color, and over 35 color illustrations.

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