Flintlock Fowlers: The First Guns Made in America

Flintlock Fowlers: The First Guns Made in America – Take a Look Inside

by Tom Grinslade


Tom Grinslade – This landmark pictorial study of 18th century of American flintlock fowling pieces features guns ranging from Club Butts & New England guns to those of eastern Kentucky, along with their origin & construction. Over 160 of these essential firearms, dating from 1700 to 1820, are covered, along with detailed descriptions & numerous photos highlighting the important aspects of each. A special, full-color section, with 59 detailed photos, highlights aspects of some of the most important & decorative pieces. 248 pages & over 950 high quality photographs.

Includes multiple photos of each gun, including close-ups of featured details. Fifteen pages of full-color close-ups highlight some of the most decorative pieces. The most complete compilation of American fowlers ever in one book! An essential resource for collectors, builders and flintlock enthusiasts!

248 pages & over 950 high-quality photographs. Soft cover.

About the Author:

Tom Grinslade is also the author of the best selling 2009 book “Powder Horns: Documents of History”.

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