Craftwork Techniques Of The Native Americans by Scott Sutton

Craftwork Techniques Of The Native Americans – 2nd Edition

by Scott Sutton, Published by Crazy Crow Trading Post

About “Craft Techniques Of The Native Americans – 2nd Edition”

Craftwork Techniques of the Native Americans – 2nd Edition – Scott Sutton – New expanded Second Edition includes Scott’s wide range of experience in fan making, with tips & techniques on extending feathers and using florets & other decorative feathers in 8 new pages. The secrets of Native American craftwork are contained in 9 popular beadwork projects that will add to your knowledge & skill.

Learn how to make a peyote beaded flat fan and scalp feathers, beaded dance belt, belt buckles and barrettes, medallions, a small dance bag, and Cheyenne style moccasins. Included are personal, little-known tips that Scott has developed from his extensive experience, and each lesson has easy to follow, step-by-step details and corresponding color photos.

Includes detailed information on materials, tools & supplies for each project. Both novice & experienced crafters can make & learn from these examples while experiencing many hours of pleasure creating beautiful Native American objects.

Item 4105-010-900, Soft Cover, 116 pages, 316 color photos, 23 detailed full color illustrations.

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