Pennsylvania ‘Horns of the Trade’ Screw-tip Powder Horns & Their Architecture

by Arthur J. DeCamp, Published by The Kentucky Rifle Foundation

Pennsylvania “Horns of the Trade” Screw-tip Powder Horns & Their Architecture

After years of collecting, research and photographing powder horns, the ultimate book on Pennsylvania Screw-Tip powder horns is now available! This high quality, coffee table style book is a great resource for identifying original Pennsylvania screw-tip horns, AND will provide the best information available for hornmakers and students of powder horns to understand the original horns. There are over 440 color photos in the book, with close-ups of both ends of each featured horn, along with general dimensions for the tips and butts of these significant powder horns. 317 pages, Hardbound with dust jacket.

  • Result of over 1000 hours of scholarly research
  • 14 different schools an horn shops identified
  • 108 horns featured with over 400 color photographs
  • A monumental history book and photo essay

Pennsylvania “Horns of the Trade” Screw-tip Powder Horns and Their Architecture- A Book Review

Published May 31, 2012 | By Guest Author

Here is a review of Art DeCamp’s, Pennsylvania “Horns of the Trade” Screw-tip Powder Horns and Their Architecture. The review is by Mark Preston of Shinin’ Times Powder Horns. Stay tuned and check this blog often for postings of interest by various members of the HCH. Please read on and enjoy the review.

In Pennsylvania “Horns of the Trade” Screw-tip Powder Horns and Their Architecture, Master Horner Art Decamp has delivered a masterpiece. Art has been a serious student of horn working for over 30 years. His passion is primarily focused on “trade” horns – those made in a shop or manufactory, as opposed to those “primitive” horns that were often homemade. He has become one of the leading authorities on Pennsylvania screw tip horns and this volume is the result of his intense interest and decades of study. For more than 20 years, Art has devoted himself to learning the tools and techniques used to manufacture these historical objects of functional art, and to reproducing accurate representations of the various types.

Art takes the reader through a comprehensive description of horns produced 16 different areas of Pennsylvania; in some cases tracing generations of evolving horn styles within a specific geographical style. His book is loaded with hundreds of full color photographic plates showing complete specimens of each regional style, and perhaps more importantly and more interesting to any aspiring student of horn working history or budding artisan itching for a challenge, specific details on style, construction, and architecture. There is delight for the casual student here as well. Examples of some of the various screw tips exhibit astonishing skill and jaw-dropping flourishes considering the technology of the times.

This volume is an absolute must have for anyone with a love of historical objects, an interest in horn working or simply for those who enjoy the elegance of a well designed and executed piece. It’s loaded with historical information about those who may have carried the horns as well. If you don’t have this book in you library, you need to. If nothing else it will provide you hours of fascinating reading. If you’re at all interested in horn working the volume explodes with ideas and inspiration.

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