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2019 Poarch Creek Indian Thanksgiving Pow Wow

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Join us for the 49th Annual Poarch Creek Indian Thanksgiving Pow Wow on November 28-29, 2019 at the Poarch Creek Indian Reservation in Atmore, Alabama. Celebrate a cultural tradition during Thanksgiving this year, with the Poarch Creek Indian Thanksgiving Pow Wow. Each Year, tribal members gather on this original Creek tribal land for the annual Poarch Creek Indian Thanksgiving Pow Wow. You and your family are invited to join the festivities and enjoy a brilliant display of authentic Native American dress and exhibition dancing by Tribes from throughout the country.

Poarch Creek Indian Thanksgiving Pow Wow

Performances of ancestral dancers in authentic dress are at the core of the festival. American Indian music and dance shows continue throughout the two days. These exhibition dances help visitors understand the meaning of the dances, and the significance of the dancers’ costumes and accessories. Competition dancing in four age categories, each with a male and female division, is also a large part of the Pow Wow.

Watch the crowning of the Poarch Creek Indian Princesses and shop from numerous booths for crafts, quilts, and other keepsakes. Feast on Bar-B-Q and corn roasted over oak wood fires on open pit grills. Community churches join in the festivities by providing traditional turkey and dressing dinners, ham and fried chicken plates. Other choices abound for smaller appetites.

What was originally held as a homecoming for tribal members in 1971 has blossomed into today’s Poarch Creek Indian Thanksgiving Pow Wow tradition for not only the 20 or so tribal nations represented during the annual dance competition, but also for Alabama residents who come for the roasted corn on the cob, Buffalo burgers, merchant tents and family-friendly fun.

Poarch Creek Indian Thanksgiving Pow Wow Mini-Gallery