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2020 Pow Wow at ASU

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Join us for the 33rd Annual Pow Wow at ASU on April 10-12, 2020 at the Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona. Native American dancers and singing groups from throughout the United States and Canada will be in attendance. Five age groups, consisting of senior men and women, adult men and women, teen boys and girls, junior boys and girls, and tiny tot boys and girls, will all be dancing and judged in 28 dance categories. The Pow Wow at ASU will feature various Native American Arts and Crafts vendors from throughout the United States and Canada.

Pow Wow at ASU

The Pow Pow Wow at ASU begins on Friday with Gourd Dancing at 5:30 pm, Grand Entry at 7:00pm and contest and intertribal dancing until 11:30 pm. On Saturday, Gourd Dancing will be at 11:30 am and 5:30 pm, Grand Entries at 1:00 and 7:30 pm and closing for the evening at 11:30 pm.

One of the highlights of the Pow Wow at ASU at ASU will be the Tiny Tot Grand Entry and Pow Wow at 7:00 pm, featuring dancers ages 0 – 5 years old on Saturday. On Sunday, Gourd Dancing will begin at 11:30 am, Grand Entry at 1:00 pm and contest and intertribal dancing until our final closing for the event at 6:00 pm.

The Pow Wow at ASU is specifically designed to preserve the Inter-tribal cultural heritage of the Native American students at ASU and to enrich and demonstrate the cultural diversity of the ASU community and surrounding community.

One-Day General Admission $10.00
Three-Day Admission $24.00
Tickets Will Be Available through Ticketmaster

Gourd Dancing – 5:30 pm
Grand Entry – 7:00 pm
Gourd Dancing – 11:30 am
Grand Entry 1:00 pm
Tiny Tot Grand Entry 7:00 pm
Grand Entry 7:30 pm
Mr. & Ms. Indian ASU Crowning – 8:00 pm
Gourd Dancing – 11:30 am
Grand Entry – 1:00 pm

Host Northern Drum – To Be Announced
Host Southern Drum – To Be Announced
Master of Ceremonies – To Be Announced
Arena Director – To Be Announced
Head Dance Judges – To Be Announced
Head Gourd Dancer – To Be Announced

Pow Wow at ASU Mini-Gallery

PowWow Contest Categories
Singing Contest
Golden Age Men & Women 50 & over
Adult Men 18-49: Northern Traditional, Southern Straight, Chicken, Grass, Fancy
Adult Women 18-49: Northern Traditional, Southern Traditional, Contemporary Jingle, Old Style Jingle, Fancy
Teen Boys 13–17 & Junior Boys 6-12: N & S Traditional, Grass, Fancy
Teen Girls 13–17 & Junior Girls 6–12: N & S Traditional, Jingle, Fancy
Tiny Tots 5 & under – Paid Each Session
Drum Contest: Central sound system; Bring your own chairs.

Arts & Crafts Spaces Available
Native American Artists Only
$400 Early Bird Weekend Fee Before 3/22/19
$450 Weekend Fee After 3/22/19
10’x10’ Booth Space
Food Concessions by Committee Only
Walk Around Vendors Prohibited

Food Booth by Pow Wow Committee ONLY.

Sun Devil Stadium
500 E Veterans Way
Tempe, AZ 85287

For More Information:

Tips for our Pow Wow Visitors

  • When the eagle staff is brought in during the grand entry, everyone stands. Hats are removed in respect. The same respect is shown should an eagle feather fall during the dancing. Everything must stop until a proper returning of the feather has been performed.
  • Pointing with a finger, particularly the index finger, is considered impolite. It is best to indicate a person or direction by pursing the lips and pointing with the eyes or to nod in the direction.
  • As with most events involving competition and concentration, camera flashes can be distracting. Photos must be taken from outside of the dance area.
  • Consider the privacy of the individual, and ask permission before you record them on tape or film. This includes spectators and craftspeople as well as the dancers and singers.
  • Certain dances and ceremonies are not to be recorded or photographed. Listen to the Master of Ceremonies who will announce when such activities are not allowed. Videotaping is often strongly discouraged.
  • Do not bother the performers or stand in front of those preparing to dance or sing.
  • Do not touch any of the dancers’ outfits. Ornaments have special meanings and many of the handmade outfits, which can c