Native American Beadwork Patterns - Gurwell

Native American Beadwork Patterns - Gurwell

Native American Beadwork Patterns - Gurwell

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The patterns in Native American Beadwork Patterns are presented in the three formats most popular among beaders - colored freehand drawings; non-colored freehand drawings that can be copied and filled in with different color schemes; and patterns drawn on size 11 beading graph paper. These too can be copied and the colors filled in by the beader. The patterns can also be used for embroidery and painted works.

Beadwork designs include Sioux Star with a Bear Paw, Buffalo Spirit, several Geometrics, Four Feathers, Sunburst, various Butterflies, Medicine Buffalo, Flowers, Dove of Peace, Turtles, Feathers, Dragonflies, a Horse, a Fish and more. All the patterns can be enlarged or reduced in size to fit a particular area and they can be combined to form more complex patterns. Templates for popular beaded items such as barrettes, bolos and hairties are provided, but don?t stop there - use the patterns for belts, hatbands, bracelets, pouches, wallets, purses, jackets, fans and anything else that can be decorated with beads.

Native American Beadwork Patterns includes 24 photographs of beaded pieces that show different patterns and combinations, including Bear & Salmon, Medicine Wheels, Roses and Geometrics. Most are detailed enough to show how the beads are sewn into the pattern. May your creative juices flow as you use this book! Every beader should own this new book of authentic Native American designs.

48 pages in full color. 142 illustrations; SC.

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