Turtle Hatchling Shells

Turtle Hatchling Shells

Turtle Hatchling Shells

(Length & width approx. 1" to 1-1/4"}

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These turtle hatchling shells are ideal for making turtle shell earrings. Product of USA. Length and width is approximately 1" x 1/4".

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE ORIGIN OF THE SHELLS: Our supplier guarantees us that the baby turtle shells from which these shells originate have died natural deaths at a turtle farm and were not killed for their shells. The shells have not gone to waste and the turtle was not wasted for the shell.

The turtle is important to many tribes and its shell had many uses in the old days. Besides the earrings you can make from the turtle hatchling shells, Crazy Crow offers three other sizes of turtle shells that can be used for rattles, bowls and stomp dance shell shakers. Our shells are carefully cleaned, selected for best quality and sorted by size. See below for other sizes.

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