Vegetable Tanned Goat Hides 2-3 oz

Vegetable Tanned Goat Hides 2-3 oz

Vegetable Tanned Goat Hides 2-3 oz

(Whole Side 6-7 sf)

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These vegetable tanned goat hides are a great, inexpensive option to our vegetable tan cow and are very tough considering that they are only 2-3 oz. in thickness. They work great for projects like bags, wallets and other accouterments. Slightly stiffer than cow hides in this weight, but can be easily softened by oiling and working. They will wet form and accept dye nicely and are easy to tool and stamp. Hides average 6-7 square feet.

About Vegetable Tanning

Tanning with chemicals (tannins) from tree bark dates back thousands of years and has been used in America from early settlement through the present day. Tannins are generally referred to as "vegetable products" and this tanning makes leather very flexible, less water-soluble and more resistant to bacteria, thus giving it longer life and many desirable qualities. Because of its ability to retain shape, vegetable tanned leather readily accepts guide marks for stitching, can be molded, tooled, incised and otherwise decorated, as well as lending itself to uniform dyeing.

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