Osage Delegation Cloth - 100% Wool Broadcloth

Osage Delegation Cloth - 100% Wool Broadcloth

Osage Delegation Cloth - 100% Wool Broadcloth

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Like our 4-Ways, this fine quality black broadcloth is tightly woven in 100% wool, featuring a 1-5/8” wide yellow selvedge edging with a narrow black outer stripe. An exact reproduction of a popular, early style cloth, it takes its name from the Osage tribal delegation to Washington in the late 1800s. This finely finished cloth is soft to the touch, with a nice nap, and twill woven like the early cloth, making it the perfect weight and finish for beadwork and ribbonwork on leggings, clouts, trailers, vests, skirts and blankets.

Tightly woven and finely finished in the USA, this is the best there is!!

Width: 59"-60"

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