White Moccasin Suede Cowhide

White Moccasin Suede Cowhide

White Moccasin Suede Cowhide

(Sizes: 5-7 sf, 7-9 sf, 9-11 sf)

Product No. 1610-925


Normally: $33.00

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No Longer Available

Product Details

White Moccasin Suede Cowhide is hard to find in a good white color, but we just received a batch that is very nice. Most is slightly firmer than our normal buckskin color, which makes it desirable for moccasins, gaiters, half-leggings, shooting bags, & more. Sueded on both sides, it is fairly heavy, and will wear well. Hides average anywhere from 5 to over 10 square feet.

We got a pretty good batch, but are not sure we'll get more, so be sure to get what you need! As of 9/05/17 we are not sure we can replace it.

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