Dr. Mike's Lightning Bond Kit (20 gram)

Dr. Mike's Lightning Bond Kit (20 gram)

Dr. Mike's Lightning Bond Kit (20 gram)

(20 gram)

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Lightning Bond Hi-Tech Adhesive is our most versatile CA glue, a high grade industrial adhesive for home users that bonds dissimilar or like materials quickly. Lightning Bond works great on its own or with the included filler for stronger bonds! No matter your needs around the home or business, use it for household, automotive, electrical, aviation, auto body, optical, manufacturing, HVAC, modeling and more.

Reinforce your bond with the included Lightning Bond Filler for an even stronger bond, and you can machine the bond immediately and paint it once the odor disappears.

  • Slower Setting: Allows you more positioning time
  • Includes Filler: Fill cracks and chips, and reinforce joints
  • Versatile: Works all around the house for modeling, auto, plumbing, etc.
  • No Dry-Up Guarantee: 3 Year guaranteed shelf life* on Lightning Bond and 8 Month on Dr. Mike's

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