Pewter Buttons USA, 5/8”

Pewter Buttons USA, 5/8”

Pewter Buttons USA, 5/8”

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5/8” diameter “USA Continental Soldier” Pewter Buttons using only “Britannia” pewter. These are the most authentically designed pewter buttons around. Reproduction of original Revolutionary War Pewter Button ca. 1775 with the famous “USA” design to its face.

Pewter Buttons: White metal, or pewter, was the name given to a variety of white colored alloys. Pewter buttons were popular from 1700 to 1820, and then were revived in the 1850s. These buttons were molded, often being homemade. These pewter buttons were either self-shanked from the molding process or were attached by wire shanks. Iron shanks were attached to pewter buttons after 1800, and pewter buttons often carry maker’s marks on the backside. This practice began around 1800 and was widespread by 1820. Britannia buttons were a specific alloy, usually around 90% tin and 10% antimony. These were developed in 1770 and were always stamped ‘Britannia’ on imports. - - from A History of Button Manufacture, Use & Classification by Crazy Crow Trading Post

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