Cedar Keepsake Box - 8"x4"x3.5"

Cedar Keepsake Box - 8"x4"x3.5"

Cedar Keepsake Box - 8"x4"x3.5"


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Store your jewelry, sacred botanicals, German Silver or other valuables in these professionally crafted Cedar Keepsake Boxes (8"x4"x3.5"). This Cedar Keepsake Boxe is fashioned from 3/8" aromatic cedar, unvarnished on the inside to release the wonderful cedar aroma.

The Cedar Keepsake Boxe exterior has a semi-gloss finish and brass hardware, and comes complete with a brass hasp, diminutive padlock and key. This box will make a handsome, pleasing accessory for your nightstand or dresser, as well as a treasured gift.

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