Pendleton Star Guardian Crib Blanket

Pendleton Star Guardian Crib Blanket

Pendleton Star Guardian Crib Blanket

(Size 32" X 44")

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Tuck them in and tell a story with a soft wool Pendleton Star Guardian Crib Blanket made in America. This design evokes a peaceful night of telling tales, with the people of the tribe safe and warm in their tepees. Above it all shines Bear, the great guardian of the night skies, and a pair of crossed arrows, symbolizing peace and brotherhood. The Pendleton Star Guardian Baby Blanket is Woven in our Northwest mills, then lightly napped and felt bound. Monogrammable too!

Wrap your baby in tradition and ultimate luxury and style with Native American inspired Pendleton Star Guardian Crib Blanket. Also known as Pendleton Muchacho blankets or Pendleton Crib blankets. Whether a baby gift for friend or family, or your own child, you can be sure that this Pendleton Big Medicine Crib Blanket (or any other beautiful pattern) will be a family heirloom for years to come. Years after the baby in the photo wrapped in their favorite Pendleton Crib Blanket has outgrown it, it will still add to your home's décor, and to everyone's memories.

Size: 32" x 44"
Pure virgin wool/cotton
Fabric woven in our American mills
Dry clean
Made in USA

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